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Solstheim Castle

Project: Solstheim Castle: A Tribute
Author: princess_stomper
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 30/11/2013
Category: Houses
Website(s): Nexus, Steam


Skyrim + Update.esm
Dawnguard DLC
Dragonborn DLC

***YOU MUST DISABLE YOUR BORDERS*** Add bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in the section in Skyrim.ini.

*OPTIONAL alternative .esp file: adds festive lights to the castle and grounds (do not use both .esp files)*


  • Large, detailed, functional house with NPCs and services.
  • Recreation of Korana’s classic mod for Morrowind. Think of it like a band’s cover version: not a facsimile, but evoking enough of the original for you to recognise it Location: north-east of Solstheim, near Horker Island



A fortified manor house (as opposed to stronghold or warehouse) with many large, detailed rooms for each major “function” – bedrooms, alchemy lab, armory, etc. plus surrounding shops and services. There is no quest for ownership (it is assumed that you have retained or inherited the house from Morrowind’s original owner), though a hidden dungeon provides a brief combat opportunity.


  • Reception hall (inc banqueting table, balcony over stage area, small lounge)
  • Reception room (with throne and space for entertaining)
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast room*
  • Servants’ quarters (three unallocated beds)
  • (hidden vampire’s quarters)*
  • Armory, display room and training room
  • Trophy room and menagerie
  • Swimming pool
  • Library
  • (concealed shrine to Azura)
  • Upper hall (with concealed private study), with small shrine area
  • Master suite (with four-poster bed and antechamber)
  • Lady’s chambers (with four-poster bed, antechamber and walk-in wardrobe)
  • 2x Guest/companion chambers (sleeps five)
  • Nursery (inhabited by your two young wards and their nanny + sleep-space for two more children)*
  • Greenhouse
  • Laboratory (with alchemy/enchanting tables, summoning room and planetarium)
  • Exterior balcony/solar overlooking the docks*
  • Courtyard*
  • Barracks
  • Blacksmith/trader
  • Dungeon (with concealed necromancer’s lair)
  • Cellar (leading to treasury)
  • Ripplewood Grove walled garden*
  • Brondolf’s Barrow (tomb)
  • Stables

* The breakfast room, vamp’s quarters, treasury and balcony are entirely new. The nursery replaces the Captain’s Quarters and the Courtyard and Ripplewood Grove are exterior areas that have been relocated to walled interior-as-exterior cells.

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Winterhold College Mage Student Dorm Improvements

Project: Winterhold College Mage Student Dorm Improvements
Author: Princess Stomper
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 09/11/2013
Category: Houses
Website(s): Steam, Nexus




Tiny mod to make the College of Winterhold feel more like home

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Whiterun Starter Home

Project: Whiterun Starter Home
Author: Princess Stomper
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 09/11/2013
Category: Houses
Website(s): Steam, Nexus


Skryim, Hearthfire DLC


Adds a small shack called Plains View Cottage to the poorer district of Whiterun. No barrier to ownership – just walk on in.

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Sexier Sheogorath

Sexier Sheogorath poster

MakesĀ  Skyrim‘s Sheogorath look more like he did in Daggerfall.

Oh, quit yer yappin’! At least I didn’t make him look like Todd this time …



Markarth Dwemer Palace update – new exterior

MDP banner

I found that I wasn’t using one of my favourites among my own mods – Markarth Dwemer Palace – because it was inconvenient to get to and because I forgot it was there. Having some sort of exterior, even a very small one, resolves that. This new “portal deck” area leads to/from the elevator entrance and is located right next to Markarth Stables.

Skyrim Nexus gives a choice of files to download: the regular one requires the player to battle the lich in the dungeon, then pull the lever to enable the exterior (which is otherwise invisible). The alternative version has the exterior part visible all along. (In my mind, my character simply built the exterior from salvaged parts.)

More details on the mod here:

Eligible Bachelors update

Eligible Bachelors - alt Vilkas 2.0

I’ve uploaded an update to my Skyrim makeover mod, Eligible Bachelors – this version further tweaks Vilkas and Belrand – but I’m currently unable to update Steam (“error 10″, whatever that is). (:edit: Now updated on Steam)

Grab the update from Nexus or Steam.

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Falskaar: Amber Cottage

Falskaar title image

Name: Falskaar Amber Cottage
Version: 1.0
Date: 24/07/13
Category: Buildings
Author: Princess Stomper
Source: Nexus, Steam

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