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Mods without expansions demystified

Posted at by doccolinni
May 2 2006

“Not so long ago I posted a topic about MW only (without expansions) mods, asking about the best mods for MW only. Well, after lots of research, one-by-one mods testing and choosing the finest mods (well, the finest there are for MW only), I’m proud to present you the list I came up with.
So all you guys who have Morrowind without expansions (if there’s any more of us maniacs out there) don’t have to spend as much time as I did on finding mods and trying them. Here goes the list (just a copy-paste from my Morrowind.ini with removed Morrowind.esm):

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Caius Romance

This mod adds an extra topic “–something more” filtered to Caius Cosades. The new topic is filtered through specific journal entries, so that the topic appears in-game only at certain points in the story. The entries build up a relationship between Caius and the player-character, culminating in his recall to the Imperial City. Additional to the new dialogue, Caius’s house has been extended downwards via a semi-concealed trap door. The new area has a kitchen, bathroom, and extended bedroom and training area, as well as plenty of storage.

Size: 8.38KB zip

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Burnt Imperial Buildings

Burnt Imperial Buildings

This is not a playable mod.

This plugin adds a number of buildings in the Imperial Common tileset, plus interiors and miscellaneous ‘ruins’ to a test cell in the Construction Set.

Size: 1.28MB 7zip

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Breton Hunk Companion Lite


This is the ‘light’ version of Dance of the Three-Legged Guar – just adds the Arnand companion with limited functions and dialogue and no quest. It attaches Emma’s/Grumpy’s companion system to Sorcha Ravenlock’s ‘Breton Hunk’ face. The companion uses the ‘Beryl’ template.

You’ll find him waiting outside Caius Cosades’ House in Balmora.

Size: 344kb zip

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Guide to Morrowind

A tourist guide with handy hints for the bewildered traveler, with locations of Princess Stomper’s mods and other mods of particular interest.

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Better Rethan Manor

The one thing the Duke didn’t tell you, when handing over the construction contract, is that Armavel Hlervu, the architect, has gone utterly bonkers. Shortly after completion of this most unusual stronghold, Hlervu was quietly shipped off to an isolated retreat to live out his days conversing with the little pixies.

Size: 1.32MB 7zip

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