Aldbarrow, a town for Morrowind

Adds the tropical town of Aldbarrow to its own interior-as-exterior cell. There are palm-lined beaches, shops and services, a tavern, numerous NPCs and their houses, and a player home to quest for.

The finest feature of the mod is the tavern, with its window-views of the island, tavern garden, and stunning rentable room.

Boat travel to and from the Hla Oad docks.

NOM compatible.


This mod was created for Pelanor by Korana, built using an .esp from August 2006 for reference. When I submitted it to her a year on from her last .esp, Korana found that too much had changed in her version of the .esp for the files to belong together, so she asked me to release Aldbarrow as a separate mod.

I cleaned up a few details, turned the bank into a hospital, and added a newspaper telling the player that Aldbarrow had declared independence from Pelanor (there are references to Pelanor places in the mod). Because it originally belonged to Pelanor, there is no new dialogue in the mod (other than a single rental script conversation).

The player quest is simply a reference in the newspaper that the key to The Annexe (a small cottage) has been lost, and that whoever finds the key may keep the house.

Size: 21MB 7zip
Hardware: Medium

Requires Children of Morrowind

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