Underworld Underground

Revamps Fallout 3’s Underworld city of ghouls.
Size: 22.3kb zip

Underworld is the city of the ghouls – only it’s not really UNDER anything. OK, so it’s explained that it’s an exhibit at the museum, but they keep referring to being “down here”, and are obstinately at ground level. I’ve therefore changed the entry doors into “elevators”, so you can imagine you’ve gone down to a subterranean level.

9th Circle

The main concourse has had major refurbishment to the Ladies’ Toilets, which previously just had some mattresses on the floor. “We have a good thing going on here,” one of the ghouls says. Doesn’t look like it! I’ve therefore extended the lavs into small walled cubicles with doors that form tiny bedsit apartments to house those mattresses – at least they now have privacy.


Carol’s Place has been similarly extended, so for your 120 caps you actually get a proper room (though it’s barely bigger than the bed). The beds that were higgledy piggledy in the middle of the room are now in separate alcoves.


The 9th Circle has been refitted to look a bit more like a real bar. A few touches of clutter have been added, and I’ve removed some of the debris from the floor – yeah, I get that it is supposed to be a dive, but seriously – no creature would eat in a place that filthy. It’s still crummy, but more realistically so. The bartender now has his own room and a filthy couch occupies the space his bed was in. Well, all decent dives have hole-ridden manky sofas, right?

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