Balmora Council Club

A quest and housing mod for Morrowind.

Update: A ‘redux’ version of this mod will be made available at some point, with an extended and revised main quest. Owing to other commitments, the ETA on version 2 is to be determined.

Balmora Council Club by Princess Stomper

The Elder Scrolls III
Balmora Council Club Version 1.0
(Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal)

Size: 19.1MB 7zip


1. Description
2. Installation
3. Compatibility
4. Features
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues



Quest mod adding about 5-10 hours’ gameplay with lots of dialogue, a few short combat scenes, a large family house, and the opportunity to collect weekly income from a lively tavern.

The Balmora Council Club seemed like a wise investment at the time. After all, as the Duke said, being occupied by the person who rid Balmora of the scourge of the Camonna Tong had to be good for the city, and it is ideally located to rake in the gold from passing tourists. So why are there strange noises coming from the fireplace? Why do seemingly ordinary objects lead to extraordinary rooms with impossible views? Who wrote the strange and chilling journal in the closet? And why did the previous owner disappear thirty years ago?

Note: The ‘three-act narrative structure’ of this mod may confuse some players as there are lulls between points in the story – to this end, an in-game walkthrough is included in the ‘Closet’ cell on the bookshelf next to the journal.


Extract the files into your MorrowindData Files directory, ensuring that all the icon, sound, mesh and texture files end up in their relevant folders.

It is strongly advised that you use a new savegame to avoid ‘doubling’ errors or other incompatibilities related to ‘dirty saves’ – which occur after adding, modifying or removing .esp files.

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Balmora Council Club.esp file.


Does not appear to conflict with other mods, however scripted doors will exchange after the player has completed the Bloodbath or main quests, so that the player will enter ‘Balmora, Council Club: Tavern’ instead of ‘Balmora, Council Club’ (the same trick is used in Bloodmoon to make the player home in Skaal Village). This means in effect that any items or NPCs added to the cell ‘Balmora, Council Club’ will cease to be available to the player after that point in the game.
NOM items and water supplies are included.


* Large house with sleeping for 9, plus renter rooms and Hreir’s quarters
* Kitchen, office, bathroom, private garden, public garden, public toilets, dining room, study
* Unique dialogue for all new tavern NPCs
* Lively barmaid with around 30 jokes plus quest and non-generic dialogue
* Pet cat
* Several new books, including full journal for quest
* In-game walkthrough book on shelf in closet
* New locations including dungeon-cave and luxury ship



* Emma – faces (additional credits: Arathrax, Rhedd, Faudau, Gorg)
* Nomad – faces (re-released by RTS: credit to Rhedd and Allerleirauh
* Robearberbil – Fae Blade sword
* Korana – furniture and items
* Smite Plight – ballgown (with texture by Pozzo)
* Necessities of Morrowind team – NOM food and misc items
* Lady Eternity & Proudfoot – musicians, plants, cat
* Dongle – water set, furniture, glass doors, musical instruments, galleon, glass dome
* Cait – birds and fish
* Lingarn – landscape
* Starcon5 – bookcase
* Calislahn – Cali’s Kitchen items
* Redwood Treesprite – Daedric/Dwemer teddies, Sakura trees (see added readme), mountain meshes. More info:
* Phoebe Abu – paintings (frames by MJY, Tommy Khajiit, The_Conjurer and Texturefreak)
* Lady Luck – soap
* Mighty Joe Young – food, island mesh, paintings
* Hoss – Simple Elegance furniture (retextured)
* RX31 – Groovy Moves dance animations
* Qarl – hairbrush mesh (texture: Korana), dresser
* Truthsnark – Pillow
* Music: (unknown) from Balmora Expansion – Gorg told me but I lost his PM. RoseWynde flute and harp duo – Largo: Winter Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. Yankee Celtic Consort -Keelhaulin the Bosn (both from’s free downloads section)
* Thanks also to the makers of TESFiles, TESAME and TESTool

Special thanks to Max_AKA_Nobody, who helped me with this in early 2005 and taught me my first lessons in scripting.
Thanks also to Shasta Thorne and Sir Stabs-A-Lot for their invaluable betatesting and feedback
Thanks to Threadwhisperer, Shasta Thorne, Korana, Emma and Phoebe, whose ideas I so shamelessly stole.


You may use or modify this mod for TES projects – in accordance with Bethesda’s EULA – so long as you ensure that the credits information is accurate. If you redistribute or translate this mod, you are responsible for checking to see if any updates are uploaded.



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