Guide to Morrowind

A tourist guide with handy hints for the bewildered traveler, with locations of Princess Stomper’s mods and other mods of particular interest.



Morrowind’s huge volcanic island is dominated by Red Mountain – if you take the sightseeing tour with MGE’s IVD, you can see Red Mountain from almost every part of Vvardenfell. Warm and tropical in the southwest and cool and refreshing in the north, it is a land of extremes. The ashy southeast, though not popular with tourists, offers a wealth of ancient ruins and pilgrimages and is perfect for touring by small boat or on foot. The temperate northeast boasts wild plains and farmlands, as well as the legendary Telvanni mushroom-towers; as far as the pretty fishing villages of Dagon Fel and Ald Redaynia, with their Nordic-Imperial cottages and excellent walking trails. The northwest villages of Khuul and Ald Velothi offer and authentic and evocative base from which to explore frosty Solstheim or the guar trails of the north, which are occasionally home to the island’s nomadic Ashlander tribes.

The lush, green west is ideal for guided tours of the first-era wizards’ towers and strongholds, or – for the most experienced explorers – an archeological visit to the innumerable Dwemer and Daedric ruins that line the west coast. The Redoran cities of Ald’ruhn and Gnisis provide a delightful flavor of the land in which giant insects are used for transport and housing. The lush swamps of the Bitter Coast eases into the warm, laidback Hlaalu city of Balmora (an eternal favorite with travellers) and its nearby Imperial towns of Caldera, Seyda Neen and Pelagiad. Further south, and the Ascadian Riviera hosts the ideal destination for the visitor in search of simple relaxation. The sunsoaked farmlands, beaches and vibrant city of Suran proves perennially popular – especially given its proximity to the floating Holy City of Vivec. For a taste of home, why not head to the Imperial capital of Ebonheart? Wherever you go on Vvardenfell, you are assured of an unforgettable adventure.


Am-Ru's Retreat

The Ascadian Isles

The Ascadian Isles is the warm, lush south of Vvardenfell, incorporating the Imperial capital of Ebonheart and the Holy City of Vivec. Suran is called ‘the jewel of the Ascadian’, and it is easy to see why. The spectacular sunkissed resort enjoys excellent beaches and exciting nightlife in addition to its enviable proximity to other popular destinations.



Suran is usually described as the ‘Jewel of the Ascadian’, and this sunlit city is perennially popular with visitors as a great place for a short or long stay. Within convenient distance of Vivec, it provides a light and welcoming base for travel to the somber capital. With its proximity to Molag Amur, it is a safe haven for the travelling pilgrim. Whatever your reasons for being there, travellers to Suran can be assured of an unforgettable stay.

Suran Extended

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Am-Ru’s Retreat 3.0 (MW)

Marandus Abode 2.0 (MW + TB or BM)

Other recommended: New Suran, New Suran Extended, Cragonmoor, Suran Archery Tradehouse, Suran Underground



Vvardenfell’s political center is home to the Duke and embassies, in a majestic Imperial district of gleaming stone towers and vast castles. No visit to Vvardenfell is complete without a guided tour of the cobbled alleys and magnificent harbors of Ebonheart.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Ebonheart Interior Expansion (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Ebonheart Expansion (WIP), Cyrodilic Villa, Hideaway Cottage



Vvardenfell’s capital is a stunning floating city of labyrinthine cantons and cascading waterfalls. Lean back and touch the water as a gondolier ferries you around the breathtaking palace and see where the Warrior Poet stopped the moon. The bravest of pilgrims may take the Puzzle Shrine quest, or you may simply shop among the bustling bazaars of the Foreign Quarter, or cheer on gladiators in the Arena.

Homes to Let (MW + TB + BM)

Vivec Nerevarine Palace (MW + TB + BM)

Ascadian Ship Home (MW)

Princess Picnic Set (MW)

Other recommended: Redoran Condo, Croft Manor, Vivec Expansion, Japanese House



Azura’s Coast, Molag Amur & Sadrith Mora

The barren ashlands of Molag Mar seem an unlikely destination, but the hundreds of pilgrims who make the journey every year all concur that it is a worthwhile adventure. After your spiritual objectives are fulfilled, why not travel on to the Telvanni capital of Sadrith Mora? Constructed of enchanted mushroom-houses, this popular location provides an unforgettable experience.

Sadrith Mora


The city of Sadrith Mora is the largest Telvanni settlement on Vvardenfell, and one of the largest cities on the island. It is the center of Telvanni politics and research, and its distinctive plant-based architecture make it a favorite with visitors year after year.

LCV Wolverine Hall (MW + TB + BM)

Wolverine Hall Apartment (MW + TB + BM)

Wolverine House (MW + TB + BM)

Sadrith Mora Academy (MW + TB + BM + COM + Playable Children)

Homes To Let

Other recommended: Castle Vianden, Waterview House, Seaside Cottage

Molag Mar


A rare jewel in the forbidding ashlands, Molag Mar provides the traveler with respite in its tranquil inns and friendly services.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)



Grazelands, Sheogorad Region & West Gash

The rugged terrain provides excellent walking opportunities, and its many ancient ruins are a constant fascination to the budding historian or archeologist. The Telvanni Grazelands are green and temperate, giving way to the cool north and many hundreds of small islands. The largest island is home to the large fishing village of Dagon Fel, from which you may explore on foot or by boat as far as the island village of Ald Redaynia. The northern base of Red Mountain recedes west to the more comfortable West Gash region (Ald’ruhn and Gnisis), with its guar trails and mountain hikes.

Ald Redaynia


With its spectacular sunsets and outstanding natural beauty, it is perhaps surprising that Ald Redaynia is not on the well-beaten track of popular tourist sites. The quiet little fishing town is populated by settlers who chose to remain behind from the East Empire colonists journeying north to Fort Frostmoth on Solstheim. Thus the Imperial-Nordic architecture gives a distinctive flavor to the unspoilt surroundings. Accommodation provides an easy path to the tower to the north, but pilgrims are warned to avoid straying too close to the ancient Dunmer ruins.

Ald Redaynia Extended (MW + TB + BM)

Dagon Fel

The other of Sheogorad’s two fishing towns, Dagon Fel is larger and better-connected with regular travel and trade routes. There is plenty to see and do in one of the most atmospheric and friendly places on Vvardenfell.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Dagonview House



With its blend of architectures and cultures, Vos is a unique town that rewards investigation. Close to Dagon Fel, Sadrith Mora and the Ashlander camps, it is an ideal base from which to explore the island. Tranquil beaches line the coast nearby.

Vos Plantation

Other recommended:  BadKarma Clothing Store


The city of Ald’ruhn lies in the center of the Redoran heartland of Vvardenfell. Its distinctive crab-shell architecture makes for an unforgettable stay. No visit to the island is complete without a trip to this thriving city, and its environs of the nearby Ghostgate and Red Mountain.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Nerevar’s Magic Tent (MW + TB)

Other recommended: Abu Manor


The second-largest Redoran settlement is also the gateway to the north of the isle. Be sure to visit the mines, hike along the guar trails and take a tour of the Imperial Legion fortress.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Ice’s Hideaway, Thief Companion Constance


The charming, rustic fishing village enjoys a gentle climate in comparison to its other northern neighbors, and the wooden shacks play host to lively evenings of songs and entertainment. The surrounding area has outstanding natural beauty as the sandy beaches give way to strange formations of twisted rock, and ruins thousands of years old are only a short walk away.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Simply Fish (MW)

Urshilaku Camp

Experience the real Vvardenfell in this authentic ashlander tribal village. Bestow a customary gift to the Dark Elf wise woman and see what fortunes your destiny holds. Pay homage to the ashkhan in his yurt and witness the nomadic guar-herder traditions that have sustained life on the island for millennia.

Homes to Let (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Silt Strider Hovel



Bitter Coast

The lush, tropical southwest boasts many fishing villages for a taste of authentic Vvardenfell life. For those in search of a more comfortable stay, the city of Balmora is one of the most
popular resorts in Morrowind. From the port-town of Seyda Neen, wander up to the Imperial fort-towns of Pelagiad or Caldera, or stay in a charming houseboat in the village of Gnaar Mok.


It’s neither a surprise nor a secret that Balmora is many people’s favorite city on Vvardenfell. As the ‘unofficial capital’, this Hlaalu heartland has much to offer in terms of shops and services. Its great weather, convenient location and superb opportunities for adventure lead many to return to Balmora time and again.

Balmora Council Club (MW + TB + BM)

Balmora Dwemer Sub House (MW)

Balmora Ghetto (MW + TB)

Breton Hunk Companion (MW + TB + BM)

Caius Romance (MW)

Dance of the Three-Legged Guar (MW + TB + BM)

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

The Bedroll Shop 2 (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Balmora Expansion, Asgard, Grumpy’s The Apartment, The Underground


This beloved Imperial town has a magical charm of its own. Within easy reach of Balmora and Ald’ruhn, its quiet tranquility makes it ideal for the weary traveler who prefers to escape the noise and bustle of the major cities. Quaint stone cottages and sweet boutiques line its cobbled streets, and the Mages’ Guild offers many unique wares.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Caldera Governer’s Mansion Replacer, Better Caldera, Buyable Ghorak Manor

Gnaar Mok

A coastal village of wooden shacks and boat-houses, surrounded by many tiny islands popular with pearl-divers and fishermen. If you wish to explore the nearby ruins, pay a visit to Khartag Point or just take in an ale in an authentic tavern, Gnaar Mok is a taste of historic Vvardenfell.

Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Pearl Palace

Odai Plateau


A secluded riverside rural hamlet on an elevated plain within convenient distance of Balmora and the tiny fishing town of Hla Oad.

Better Rethan Manor (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Rethan Expansion



Situated between Seyda Neen, Vivec and Balmora, this enchanting Imperial town boasts fine taverns and an imposing Imperial fort. Enjoy the busy streets and pretty cottages of the center of town, or stay in one of the surrounding farmhouses to enjoy the lakes and scenery.

Homes to Let (MW + TB + BM)

Chain Letter Mod (MW)

Other recommended: Abu’s Retreat, Castle Vianden (version 1), Ascadian Rose Cottage

Seyda Neen

This attractive village to the south of the island enjoys superb weather and excellent transportation links. It is one of the main entry-points to the island and is thus well-served by businesses catering to the constant flow of visitors.

Homes to Let (MW + TB + BM)

Princess Seyda Neen Shack (MW)

Fargoth’s Basement (MW)

ModTown 2006 BETA (MW + TB + BM)

Princess Trees (MW)

Princess Docks (MW + TB + BM)
(With Denina)

Rings of Level Playing (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Xenterra Keep



Red Mountain


Occupying the majority of the landmass of Vvardenfell, it was only after the Vvardenfell Crisis was resolved that construction could begin on this valuable real estate. The altitude
offers spectacular views and a city break to this remarkable new development will provide a wealth of activities and adventures.

Ghostgate (MW + TB + BM)

More Dagoth Minions (MW)

Other recommended: Rain’s Hand Hall, Julan: Ashlander Companion


The home of the goddess-queen forms the heart of the giant city Almalexia, capital of Morrowind. This sprawling area enjoys a varity of different accommodations and activities. There really is something for everyone.

Mournhold Expanded (MW + TB + BM + COM)
Apartment for Seedy Almalexia District (MW + TB + BM + SAD)
Museum of Artifacts Improvements Expanded (MW + TB)
Royal Chargen (MW + TB)
Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)

Other recommended: Ald Indoril, Tel Magus, Mournhold Great Bazaar



Once a frozen wasteland where even Nords hesitated to tread, the new colonies of Raven Rock and Frostmoth afford a rare opportunity to explore the wilds of the north. Those in search of a more authentic experience can stay amid the tribes of the Skaal, or even enjoy the hospitality of the Thirsk mead hall.

Thirsk Expanded (MW + TB + BM)
Homes To Let (MW + TB + BM)
Princess Factor’s Estate (MW + TB + BM)
Skaal Home (MW + TB + BM)
Christmas at Lokken  (MW + TB + BM) + WWLM
Princess Lokken Post-Main Quest Improvements

Other recommended: Felsaad Revamped, Thirsk Retreat, Polar Bear Lodge, Solstheim Castle, White Wolf of Lokken Mountain, Moldy Horker, Seaside Cabin, Steinthor Hall

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