Breton Hunk Companion Lite


This is the ‘light’ version of Dance of the Three-Legged Guar – just adds the Arnand companion with limited functions and dialogue and no quest. It attaches Emma’s/Grumpy’s companion system to Sorcha Ravenlock’s ‘Breton Hunk’ face. The companion uses the ‘Beryl’ template.

You’ll find him waiting outside Caius Cosades’ House in Balmora.

Size: 344kb zip

Breton Hunk Companion Lite by Princess Stomper

The Elder Scrolls III
Breton Hunk Companion Lite.esp
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal)


1. Description
2. Installation
3. Compatibility
4. Features
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues



As the pared down version, it is light on dialogue and features. The companion has the warping and potionsaver scripts, and will level up with the player. There are other fun features such as a random-based dialogue card game. He will follow, stay, dance, eat, drink, kiss and make love on command (provided his disposition is high enough; the latter features are messagebox/blackouts). You can also command your companion’s fighting styles, and he comes with a teleportation ring that you may equip to summon Arnand to any exterior location. He is also designed to use Intervention spells with you, and heal the player from Blight and Common diseases.

This mod also unlocks hidden content in previous mods of mine, so if you travel with Arnand to the areas of Suran added by Suran Extended; to Mournhold Expanded or to the Ghostgate mod areas, NPCs will recognise and converse with Arnand.

This version does not contain the house, other NPCs or extensive dialogue of the full Three Legged Guar mod. However, Arnand does have his own diary for just a little bit of background in the meantime.


Extract the files into your MorrowindData Files directory, ensuring that textures, meshes, etc. end up in their desired locations.

It is strongly advised that you use a new savegame to avoid ‘doubling’ errors or other incompatibilities related to ‘dirty saves’ – which occur after adding, modifying or removing .esp files.

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Breton Hunk Companion Lite.esp file.

PLEASE DO NOT play more than one Breton Hunk Companion .esp file together or errors will occur.


This is not known to conflict with other mods.


* Enhanced companion features such as warping, levitation, self-healing and combat styles
* Teleportation ring in case of accidental separation
* Interaction with other mods for enhanced gameplay
* Range of roleplay commands for companion


* Grumpy, Emma, TheOtherFelix, DinkumThinkum et al for companion scripting, methods, and advice
* Sorcha Ravenlock for Breton Hunk face
* RX31 for animation
* ES forums for general support and advice


Please refer to Sorcha Ravenlock for permissions regarding the Breton Hunk face.
Do what you want with this mod, but respect Bethesda’s rules and don’t charge money for it.
If you want to alter it, you may do so, as long as it’s my work and not anyone else’s that you’re changing.
If I didn’t make it, you don’t have my permission to use or change it. You can upload this or redistribute this mod as-is without asking.
Please keep everything together including the readme.
Please contact me before including this mod whole in a modpack or compilation in case there is a subsequent version available.
Bug Reporting/Known Issues
Known issue: On one or two occasions during testing, Arnand failed to follow the player properly. Returning to the previous cell where Arnand was and walking up to him seemed to resolve the issue.
If I’ve accidentally left you off the credits list, please contact me immediately, with my apologies.


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