Nerevar’s Magic Tent

This was the first mod I released for Morrowind.

Nerevar's Magic Tent

Berth: sleeps 3
Location: Near Ald’ruhn
Unique Features: Princess Stomper’s First Mod! Adds a “magic” tent just outside the Ald’ruhn city gates. Through use of… um… clever lighting, the interior is deceptively spacious.
Type: (exterior) tent, (interior) house/garden
Cost: None
Size: 626kb WinZip


The Elder Scrolls III
(Morrowind, Tribunal, Required)

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Naked Nerevarine

Adds responses so that if the player is the Nerevarine and is completely naked, the NPCs of Morrowind will react appropriately.


The Elder Scrolls III
Naked Nerevarine.ESP
(Requires: Morrowind)

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Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded

  • Museum of Artifacts Improvements: Just a little eye-candy mod to make the Museum of Artifacts look more like a museum, with text descriptions for items
  • Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded: Incorporates TheOtherFelix’s Mournhold Museum mod, adding more items for sale/donation and various other improvements

Museum of Artifacts

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Mournhold Expanded

Mournhold Resort

Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame Award

Planet Elder Scrolls Mod of the Year 2006: Honorable Mention, RPG Mod of the Year 2006 (Runner Up, RPG)

Mournhold Expanded (MW + TB + BM)

  • Over 200 new cells to explore
  • Huge palace with ‘river view’ windows in the bedrooms and a quest for ownership
  • Massive pleasure park with twelve themed adventure zones
  • Take an abandoned mine cart on a wild ghost train ride
  • Ride a magic carpet over a tropical sea
  • Take a gondola through a magical Akaviri Sakura orchard
  • Brave the Blizzard – Morrowind’s first rollercoaster
  • Soar over Vvardenfell on the back of a Silt Strider
  • Choose to ride a horse or a donkey
  • Enjoy free beer! Dancing and a cute petting zoo
  • Wrestle a bear
  • Go fishing, play chess or billiards, or try your hand at cards
  • Watch a spectacular firework display over Tamriel Park’s magical castle
  • Explore tiny replicas of each province of Tamriel, each with unique puzzles, rides and attractions
  • Numerous hotel rooms to stay in, restaurants to eat in and markets to shop in
  • Mournhold Resort – a luxury beach with a lively, music-filled tavern
  • Mournhold Docks – upgraded from Nemon’s beta, with hundreds of improvements while retaining the character of Nemon’s mod
  • Mall of Almalexia – completely reconstructed and filled with stunning creations from BadKarma, Korana, Calislahn, Pendraia and more
  • Andeera – from Nemon’s WIP – now the subterranean Argonian District, with plenty to see and do
  • Greater Andeera – another entirely new location, the underwater Argonian manor district
  • Ireni’s Beauty Boudoir – featuring iReni’s incredible faces and hair in a fully interactive beauty parlor
  • Residential areas of Bal Aruhn, Dayn Isra and Khajiit Town
  • A medium-sized player home to rent, buy or even steal!
  • Compatible with Necessities of Morrowind
  • Transport to and from Vvardenfell via Largukh gro-Lurn, captain of the Herald of Stars (Hla Oad), Kanit Efelen (Pride of the Sea of Ghosts, Sadrith Mora), Sebastien Emanene
    (High Rock Prosperity, to Seyda Neen) or Neveth Daresan the Guild Guide. There is also travel to the Docks from Ebonheart, and fast travel around the zones via guar cart!
  • Hundreds of NPCs with new dialogue and the occasional short, fun quest. Approx 60 of the NPCs have a simple companion script.
  • New playable/companionable race: inclusion whole of Lochnarus’ Ayleids, in their own tropical shanty town
  • Mournhold Expanded COM.esp adds children and items from Children of Morrowind
  • Choice of 4 .esp files – Mournhold Expanded.esp (regular), Mournhold Expanded NC.esp (No interactive chess to improve memory usage), Mournhold Expanded COM.esp (regular Children of Morrowind-compatible) and Mournhold Expanded COM NC.esp (Children of Morrowind-compatible, no interactive chess game) – Dozens of shops, cafes, offices and taverns – including retextured buyable furniture and plants, bedrolls, perfumes, music, foodstuffs and clothing Read the rest of this entry »

More Dagoth Minions

This mod adds more low-level baddies to Akulakhan’s Chamber so that you can have that real defeating-an-army sensation when doing the final battle.


The Elder Scrolls III
More Dagoth Minions.ESP
(Requires: Morrowind – may also require Tribunal or Bloodmoon as uses startscript function)

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Dance of the Three-Legged Guar

A comedy adventure by Princess and Kateri


  • Join ex-Legion adventurer Arnand (Sorcha’s Breton Hunk) and his beautiful alchemist sister Evie (exclusive by Westly) in a romantic comedy! With Elves! Oh, okay, and zombies
  • Meet their friends: impulsive, job-hating Diren and runaway bride Gwen
  • Keep all four as companions, plus their pets wolf-dogs, and embark on a romance with either Arnand or Evie – that just might end in the most disastrous wedding in Tamriel
  • Travel to the Breton homeland of High Rock and a brand new village
  • Enjoy new interiors, including the stunning Charborne Cove, Arnand/Evie’s Balmora home and Diren’s Pelagiad apartment
  • Survive two unique, spectacular dungeon crawls in brand new locations
  • Command your own band of pirates and reap the rewards of adventure
  • Enjoy over 2000 lines of new, and often hilarious, dialogue – and over 40 new NPCs
  • Use all the companion features you’ve come to expect, and scripted situations that you might not have anticipated …

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ModTown 2006

Adds a new town to Morrowind all in interior cells with contributions by Fliggerty, Bryss Phoenix, Westly, Redguard Slayer, Lady Rae, Telesphoros, swrdphantom, Marbred, harborgolfer, Faylynn, etc.

Note: The conditions of entry were that all contributions should be made in 24 hours. The mod was compiled over a number of days in December 2006 and released as a beta in December 2006. A few small fixes were made to upgrade from beta but no significant changes made, so there still may be minor (non-game-breaking) errors and oddities. Since it is intended solely as a snapshot of 1st December 2006, no further revisions or corrections are planned.
Size: 27MB exe

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Adds tiny versions of in-game animals in the form of collectible bobbleheads that appear as scaled-down creatures when removed from inventory.
Size: 10.5kb zip


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Imperial Dragon Armor Unenchanted

Adds a set each of the Light and Heavy Imperial Dragon Armor for sale at the Hack’n’Slash Armory in the Imperial District. All enchantments and scripts have been removed so they are just normal armor you can enchant yourself if you like.

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Fewer Foes

Levelled list tweak replacing some of Oblivion’s hostile creatures with less aggressive versions to allow you to go for a nice walk in peace! Interior cells are unaffected.

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