Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale


Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale (TES4 +COBL)

Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale is a total renovation of the buyable player house in Cheydinhal. Its general theme and layout is based on a dream I had, which is the main focus of the home’s design. Therefore there are some anachronistic touches and modern design elements in the house. As a concession to the player, the most overt of these are contained in a single attic room that can be ignored if need be, but the user should bear in mind that this mod was not ultimately designed for other people’s Oblivion characters, but as a recreation of a real-world house in a dream.

Size: 17.3MB Winzip

Luxurious, cozy house with 4 individually-themed bedrooms, sleeping 8

  • Huge basement-level swimming pool
  • Unique kitchen and breakfast area, with basement-level herb garden
  • Interactive laundry device, bread oven, flushing toilet, shower and bath
  • Two balconies – one overlooks Cheydinhal, the other leads out from the master bedroom to an ocean view
  • COBL ingredients, containers, alchemy sorting and Salmo the Baker items
  • Formal dining room with minibar
  • Attic study with scripted laptop, flatscreen TV, and mini-studio
  • Pet cat and aquarium
  • Well decorated throughout with low-mid value items that you can put in the containers provided and replace with your own, if you choose
  • Established front and rear gardens with sheltered picnic area
  • Scripted lighting for light days/dark nights
  • Purchase all the new items and enlargements from Cheydinhal’s general store, along with the other furnishings

A note on COBL: Common Oblivion is like the NOM compatability pack; installing it will not force your character to require food and sleep.



Size: 17.3MB Winzip

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