Ebonheart Interior Expansion (beta)

Adds new areas to the interior of Ebonheart, leading off from the Grand Council Chambers – including homes for the workers there, a bar/restaurant, two player homes, and public baths. There are two questlines – one for lower-level characters and one for Nerevarine characters.

Size: 1.38MB 7zip


The mod was made as a contribution towards TheGeneral’s Ebonheart Expansion, but is entirely self-contained, and can therefore be used either with or without TheGeneral’s mod.

Here are my notes to him:

Hi, TG

– Requires both expansions
– Install in usual manner

– To get started, if you are the Nerevarine, talk to the Duke. All new cells including the Great Hall are in the North Hall, on the first floor of the Grand Council Chambers. If you are not the Nerevarine, talk to Marcus in the Strangers’ Lounge.
– The Duke’s quests are all dialogue. Talk to the meeting delegates and make decisions in two-day intervals. Every choice has consequences. If you make the ‘right’ decisions, you will merely be despised by the furious islanders. If you make the ‘wrong’ decisions, you will lead the country to the brink of war! Depending on the choices you make, you will get either a small or slightly bigger ‘souvenir’ from Cyrodiil, and the Duke will be more or less pleased with you.
– A global keeps a tally on the Duke’s quests to measure how much the duke approves of your decisions. These, of course, are based on my own personal biases* and may not reflect the player’s. Every ‘right’ decision adds one point, every ‘wrong’ decision takes one. You need a total of 3 or above to gain his approval. Bear in mind that every decision you make will be unpopular with at least half the people. Arguments for and against each motion will be suggested by each delegate – usually 3 will vote for it and 3 against, each with arguments to support their views.
– When doing the Duke’s quests, you can stay in his quarters, although the stuff in the house still belongs to him. You also have access to the private Symmachus Lounge, with its library and restaurant.
– For lower-level non-Nerevarine characters, you can do some simple fetch-and-carry quests for Marcus (the Strangers’ Lounge barkeep), for a variety of small rewards. You can live in Sia’s Quarters, a basic apartment.
– The mod consists of living quarters for each of the ‘main’ characters living in the Grand Council Chambers, spare apartment for player, plus public baths, two offices, a central hall, Great Hall (political chamber), staffed public bar (‘Strangers’ Lounge’), staffed private bar (‘Symmachus Lounge’) and NOM well.

– Known issues:
The Sit Down In Morrowind script is not functioning 100% well in the Great Hall; the player hovers above the chair. Best to include a note to avoid looking at the seated player in 3rd person view. Although the collision has been removed from the chairs, it is present on the table, and it is almost certainly this (collision) that is causing the problem. You could try playing around with the height if you think you can fix it.
– I haven’t tested *every* combination of choices on the Duke’s quests. You may wish to test this further.
– The dual journal entry system is the only way to keep track of such complex quest branching.
– Morgiah disappears as soon as she gives you the key. I have absolutely no idea why. If you can figure it out, by all means fix it!

– Credits:
Dongle – alpha-channeled windows, bathtubs
Lady Eternity – sitting NPCs
RX31 – sitting/talking animation
Pam – Sit Down In Morrowind scripts
Mykul – sitting pants
Starcon5 – bookshelf


(* According to politicalcompass.org, my placing is -0.01, -1. This is almost dead centre on the left/right/authoritarian/libertarian scale, and these views would inherently be reflected in the scorings in this mod. The arguments for and against each motion are based on real-life current and historical controversies.)


DOWNLOAD beta from ElricM

DOWNLOAD beta from Planet Elder Scrolls

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