One year after the Nerevarine’s defeat of Dagoth Ur, Vvardenfell’s champion called a meeting between Duke Vedam Dren and the executive leaders of the Great Houses and native tribes. At this meeting, the Horator-Nerevarine enshrined the concept of a new coalition between the island’s great powers in the form of the Treaty of Tureynulal. The result of this was that instead of a sprawling wasteland taking up most of the valuable real-estate of the island, a new commercial district would be formed, bringing wealth and commerce to the disparate peoples of the isle in an effort to use the prospect of personal benefit to bring forth communal prosperity and opportunity.

City expansion for Morrowind turning the barren Red Mountain into a commercial district of tourism, commerce, trade and diplomacy.


The Elder Scrolls III
Ghostgate v1.3
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Optional alternative .esp requires Children of Morrowind by Emma)


For Wrye Mash, a tool to clean savegames and ensure safe additions of mods to existing games, go here:


v1.3 – fixes journal error in the recruitment quest. Optional alternative .esp adds children and items from Children of Morrowind by Emma.
v1.2 – fixes ‘overcleaning’ error with Vemynal in which Game Crossbow had been inadvertently removed.
Also improves combat scripts with ‘resurrect’ command if a combatant is killed.
v1.1 – fixes ‘overcleaning’ error with Endusal, plus spelling error in Daily Scrib
Also adds cat basket for Tommy


1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Save Games
4. What It Does
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues
8. Walkthrough


1. Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, extract the self-extracting archive into the Morrowind/Data Files directory. It should all self-install into the right places. Choose EITHER the Clean Ghostgate.esp OR Clean Ghostgate COM.esp: Do not use more than one version of Ghostgate.esp at a time.
If you encounter any problems, check out this thread on installation help:…dpost&p=1772866


2. Playing the Plugin

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Ghostgate.esp


3. Save Games

This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game. <– Wrye Mash – utility to ensure
safe addition of mods to existing games.



4. What It Does

On start-up, you wil find two rings in your inventory – The Ring of Level Playing, and the Ring of Fraternal Protection. If your character is new or not yet Nerevarine, equip the Ring of Level Playing to instantly become a level 50 Nerevarine character, with journal entries, stats and equipment fitting to that title. Then, if you would like to avoid those pesky Dark Brotherhood attacks when you sleep, equip the Ring of Fraternal Protection. It will add two journal entries – the first two of Tribunal – to stop them. It won’t interfere with the rest of the Tribunal quest, so you can continue that later if you want to.

The Dagoth Ur citadel is now a luxury hotel with a range of bedrooms, bar-lounge, restaurant, dance-hall, casino and huge volcanically-heated swimming pool. The Nerevarine, of course, may sleep in any room for free, and will be offered free meals and drinks (or may pay for a more varied selection). A bellhop to carry your luggage, and 24-hour room service summonable by pressing one of the hotel’s in-room bells, is all just part of the service. Like all the citadels bar Vemynal, the hotel has been redecorated (retextured) to the highest specifications.

A new game called Kuayl (Dunmeri, lit. ‘luck’) has been added for the player to enjoy. It’s a simple betting game through dialogue, using the Random variables. You have a one in four chance of winning three times your money back. Like all casinos, you might get very lucky once or twice, but in the long run, the house always wins. There are also two slot machines from Mournhold Expanded, modified to take ordinary septims.

The Vemynal citadel now plays host to paintball-style capture-the-flag team games, where you can join a team in friendly, non-fatal combat challenges. To play, speak to Heidi and equip the crossbow and bolts she gives you. You can now order your team with three commands – follow, stay or all follow. Find the trophy and bring it back to her to end the game. The trophy chest will periodically respawn, for further games. You can time yourself or play for points in subsequent games. A tavern outside in the Redoran northwest offers food and drink (and a short dialogue-based mini-quest). Whilst there are no guest rooms, the publican will offer you use of her own bed if you are tired.

The Tureynulal citadel is now the heart of the Tureynulal Administration: Imperial and Tribal faction offices plus embassies of the Imperial Provinces.

The Odrosal citadel is a theatre (showing The Lusty Argonian Maid), Dwemer museum and shopping area. If you speak to Cheryl, she will offer you a free goodie basket on her stall (it’s labelled ‘Nerevarine Gift Basket’ so you can’t miss it). It’s a tough life being a hero! Talk to Kathryn to sample some chocolate, or to buy a choccie statue to take away. Mentioning ‘compliments of the house’ (which you’ll get if you’ve been to the Dagoth Ur hotel) will also get you free books and a free coinpurse.

The Endusal citadel is a housing district. The player can enjoy a short quest to gain ownership of one of the new apartments, offering spectacular faux-exterior views of the mountainside. High capacity chests and closet are included, along with a bathroom and a kitchen with respawning food cupboard. There is a travel office, trader and tavern in the vicinity. Shezrie the publican offers free beer and accommodation.

Lost Kogoruhn is now a museum of ancient Dunmer culture and the Sixth House occupation of the ruin. (In practice, this means that it has been cleared of monsters, a tourist guide written, a few guards and tourists added and a few extra lights put in. The Hall of Maki is ‘restored’ to how it might have looked at the peak of Dunmeri civilisation. Ownership is now added to all treasure except the shadow shield, which is needed for a quest if I recall correctly. You can just take that – anything else, you’ll have to steal.)

Bthanchend is now a beautifully redecorated (retextured) player home. There is one fully furnished bedroom, one room that sleeps five (including the hammock) that can serve as a nursery, plus sleeping downstairs for two servants. There is also an unfurnished tower (with a bedroll helpfully included) that you can furnish as you like, depending on which shopping mods you have installed. Bthanchend also has a volcanically-heated swimming pool, kitchen-dining room and an observatory-conservatory with mini-garden. There is no restriction on use, though players wishing to purchase the dwelling can pop along to the Imperial office at Tureynulal and pay 20,000 gold for the land deed and buy the services of Boden, who can be summoned with a ring to bring you food, repair your armour, or take you safely home or to three other convenient locations.

The Mausur Caverns have been made safe for the public. There are now guards and tourists exploring the disused ebony mine. Other mines are simply cleaned up and left as working mines. There is also a Daedric Zoo, converted from a shrine.

The Panabanit-Nimawia Egg Mine now forms the basis of a quest, after the end of which the player can earn a regular income. Speak to Raesa at your office in Tureynulal to get started.

Ghostgate (towers) are subtly improved, with new dialogue to reflect the changes. The Buoyant Armigers will now act as guides (transport) for a small fee.

Fast travel via guild guides is offered between citadels. A Buoyant Armiger is now stationed next to the silt strider in Ald’ruhn to take you to Ghostgate.

I haven’t removed Feril Salmyn’s corpse from Kogoruhn as he is quest-essential.

Most individual NPCs have unique dialogue for Background, making it a little more interesting than normal to take the trouble to talk to NPCs. There is also new generic dialogue for the usual topics such as Specific Place and (for the guild guides) Destination. New dialogue responses are designed to interact with other mods, such as the most-used companion mods, Children of Morrowind (with the COM version) and Mournhold Expanded.

The new global jwghostgate tells the game that this mod is active, for interaction with other mods.

The mod is fully NOM-compatible.

5. Credits

see readme


6. Usage

If you want to use anything that was in this mod, and it was made by me, feel free to do so but please give credit where it is due. I cannot speak for anything I did not make – please contact the author for terms of use. Please contact me before redistributing this mod anywhere, and always keep it intact with its readme.


7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

If any questions, queries or complaints are addressed in this readme, I reserve the right to get stroppy.

A note on the bags. I didn’t want them to be useless, so I set them up as shields with a feather enchantment. It’s not recommended that you wear the bags as they look rather absurd in 3rd person view. However, for a quick feather lift for moving items between containers, I hope you’ll find them useful.


8. Walkthrough

For hints and tips on the mod’s quests, see readme for full details


DOWNLOAD and gallery at Planet Elder Scrolls – 44.2Mb executable

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    […] Ghostgate expands on the ending of the main quest as well breathing new place and purpose into the Ghostgate region. It is highly recommended that you play this mod only after you finished the main quest as it does break the main quest otherwise. […]

  2. Morrowind Mod: Ghostgate – Game and Mod Reviews Says:

    […] Ghostgate expands on the ending of the main quest as well breathing new place and purpose into the Ghostgate region. It is highly recommended that you play this mod only after you finished the main quest as it does break the main quest otherwise. […]

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