Self-contained city for Morrowind based on Oblivion lore and concept art. Quests, houses, companions, and many kinds of adventures and activities in an all-interior tropical location.


Originally developed as part of the Cyrodiil: Dawn of Oblivion package, Leyawiin has become a destination in its own right. In common with Aldbarrow, it is a place of leafy palms and tropical beaches, but Leyawiin enjoys its own rich culture and history and can entertain the tourist for many days. The city consists of three islands joined by bridges, and sits right on the border with wild Elsweyr on Cyrodiil’s southern border. Our excursion commences shortly before the Oblivion adventure. There is an optional package for Children of Morrowind.

This self-contained city is entirely in interior cells. It adds houses, shops, NPCs and quests all based on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Bethesda’s pre-Oblivion concept art. The action takes place approximately 18 months before the start of Oblivion, so the Blackwood Company is still an informal collective of mercenaries (rather than a guild) and Mazoga the Orc is not yet a knight. The Fighters’ Guild is in a state of disarray, but they will still ask you for menial favours in return for pocket-change. There is a full set of Mages’ Guild quests, but instead of progressing through the ranks as you do in Morrowind, you will receive an Oblivion-style Recommendation.

The most ‘interesting’ quests are given by the shady Blackwood Family. You can buy a shack, a house or a mock-Ayleid property to live in; you can also gain access to the castle’s guest quarters, or an NPC home, through quests. The NPCs have complex schedules that allow them to go to work, go to church, visit each other and go home at night. Some even sleep on beds. Others frequent the city’s three taverns. A huge sewer network links the three districts, lending adventures of its own. Many of the buildings have views of the outside world. You can bet on a scrib race, sit on a barstool, or just watch the boats from the docks. The leaves on the trees and shrubs are animated, and there are many kinds of wildlife as well as domesticated creatures around.

Your own house has a garden with a pool and outhouse, though you may prefer to relax in the nearby spa. You can recruit a companion to help you on your quests, or work your way up through the ranks of the local guilds. You can loot the crypt or help the Countess. You can blackmail the bookseller or search for the missing pet. You can barter for rare weapons or search the castle’s hidden passages. A world of adventure awaits you in Leyawiin.

This mod works best on PCs with at least 2GB RAM and an Oblivion-recommended graphics card.

Leyawiin, Main Street


Mizu House
Berth: sleeps 5
Unique Features: fully furnished Common house, two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, sitting-chair, outdoor spa/toilet, basement with storage and alchemy sorting, wicker furniture (much of which is portable)
Activities: pet cat
Type: house
Cost: 10,000g


Ra’jahirr’s House
Berth: sleeps 3
UniqueFeatures: fully furnished house in Upper Class style, two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, basement with NOM well
Activities: Quest
Type: house
Cost: none

Leyawiin, Main Street Underworks


Abandoned Shelter
Berth: sleeps 2
Unique Features: fully furnished, one bedroom, kitchen/lounge area, NOM fountain upstairs
Activities: Conversation with goblin landlord
Type: basement/bedsit
Cost: none/bottle of skooma


Berth: sleeps 4
Unique Features: fully furnished (portable furniture), two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge/dining area, bathroom, indoor herb garden and Welkynd magicka well, alchemy and storage
Activities: Nearby dungeon
Type: Underground house
Cost: 20,000g

Leyawiin, Main Street Docks


Storage Hut
Berth: sleeps 1
Unique Features: Small shack on docks with hammock and crates
Type: shack
Cost: 1,000g

Leyawiin, Castle District


Leyawiin Castle, Guest Quarters
Berth: sleeps 4
UniqueFeatures: Secret hidden bathroom, views of castle courtyard, two double bedrooms, lounge and dining room
Activities: Short quest for access
Type: annexe
Cost: none

Getting There

Look for a “specially enchanted” bottle in the Balmora Guild of Mages.

Full faction quests are included, along with a number of shorter activities. See Walkthrough (scroll down below) for full details.
See Readme for full information.

Size: 77MB 7zip

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The Amulet

– You can pick up this quest a number of ways. Scattered about the city is a newspaper, the Leyawiin Chronicle. One of the adverts tells you that an amulet has been lost, and to speak to the countess. If you are doing the Blackwood Family quests, the first task you are given (after accepting their ‘gift’) is to help the countess.

– Whether or not you have read the paper or joined the Blackwoods, the countess will tell you that her friend Victoria has lost her amulet, and that it was last seen in the crypt.

– Kantav the priest will tell you that he found the amulet in the crypt. He will also tell you that he dropped it there again after being frightened by a noise.

– Go down into the crypt in the graveyard next to the Great Chapel of Zenithar. It is haunted – there are a number of ghosts and skeletons. Collect any ectoplasm you find – you’ll need it later. Retrieve the amulet, which is lying on the floor.

– Bring it back to the countess for your reward.

The Blackwood Family

– If you ask Deel the Scalawag about the ‘latest rumors’, if your disposition is above 80 he’ll tell you that the Blackwood Family seem to be causing a stir. Talk is that they’re trying to set themselves up as a rival mercenary organization to the Fighters’ Guild.

– If you go into Blackwood Manor at night, Jeetum-Ze will be standing in the reception hall and will offer you 5000 gold as a settling-in present, claiming there are no strings attached but mentioning that he might ask you for a little favor somewhere down the line.

– If you refuse the gold, his disposition will drop towards you. If you press the issue, he might attack.

– If you accept the gold, he will appear pleased.

– The next time you speak with him about ‘are you looking for work’, he’ll suggest that you help the countess with her amulet problem. This is the quest The Amulet. That resolved, he’ll simply thank you – the countess will give you your reward.

– Your next task is to get from Bugak gro-Bol of Southern Books the money he owes the Blackwoods. He is rather taciturn, but if you bribe, flatter or intimidate him until his disposition is high enough, he’ll hand over the cash. NB you do actually have to do this one and not just stump up your own cash and pretend to have done it.

– The next task is to persuade the Leyawiin Chapel District stallholders to buy into what is essentially a protection racket. The stallholders will each give a ‘tribute’ prove obedience to the Blackwood Family. Again, bribe, flatter or intimidate until their diposition is high enough. Do not kill any of them or (a) Jeetum-Ze will be very angry – how can they make regular payments if they’re dead? and (b) it might cause CTDs due to the complex schedule scripts searching for them.

– Now the final task: Jeetum-Ze will ask you to kill Ra’Jahirr. He doesn’t tell you who he is, what he’s done or where to find him – but sparing a coin for the beggar Rancid Ra’dirsha (and raising her disposition high enough) will get her to tell the latest rumors – that Ra’Jahirr has massive debts and is drowning his sorrows at the Five Claws Lodge. He doesn’t have a schedule script so it is quite safe to kill him – probably best to taunt him into attacking if you want to avoid a price on your head; though if you’re unlucky enough to get one, Dar Jee can remove the bounty for Thieves’ Guild members for the usual fee. Once dead, the ‘latest rumors’ will reveal a history of drug use and gambling debts.

– Although it is not a task you are given as such, Jeetum-Ze will warn you that if you are planning to set up home in Ra’Jahirr’s lavish home that you will need to have the deed to his property. This is lodged in the bank. The bank is fully staffed in the daytime and patrolled by guards at night. The deed is in one of the many deed cupboards, so you would need a scroll of Ekash’s Lock-Splitter or to be an accomplished lock-breaker to retrieve it; all the while avoiding detection from the nearby guards.

– If you bring the property deed back to Jeetum-Ze, he will fraudulently alter it to show you as the legitimate owner of the property.

Mazoga the Orc

Mazoga the Orc – enthusiastic, bossy and a bit odd – will at first confuse you for her friend Ra’vindra but then ask if she can hang out with you (and any companions).

– You have the option to decline

– If you accept, she will follow you and give you a recall-index (similar to a Propylon Index) which, ironically, won’t actually work anywhere in Leyawiin because the scripts only work in exteriors. If you lose her in Leyawiin, use the topic ‘where is Mazoga’, and she will instantly be transported back to the Five Claws Lodge. Mazoga uses Grumpy’s latest generic template so will levitate with the player, ‘warp’ if stuck behind, and move out of the way if instructed. The topic ‘Mazoga the Orc’ will draw generic comments from locals and a few personalized quotes from Constance, Laura, Julan et al. When in a few designated cells in the purchasable player homes, Mazoga will occasionally appear to converse with some of your other companions.

– If you ask Mazoga about ‘latest rumors’, she’ll tell you about secret passages hidden all over the city, and of a legend of the Spectre Ring, which is said to be hidden in the castle. If you were observant when you first arrived at the Guild of Mages, you would have seen a book called ‘The Travel Potion Challenge’. The book explains what the mysterious potions are and what they do (i.e. they’re ‘doors’ of a sort). There are other, more traditional, secret passages. Find one in the wall just outside the entrance to County Hall and several more within the castle itself – common-or-garden hidden doors. Rooting around the labyrinth of hidden passageways and tunnels, you may just stumble upon the torture-chamber from Oblivion. Just behind the beds of the count and countess is a narrow passageway in which there is a heavily-locked safe. Inside the safe you’ll find the ring. Mazoga will congratulate you on finding the ring. Now to find your way out, or just down to the underground cave-pool. If you’re wondering why people wear their clothes in the water, it is an efficient way of doing laundry. Or something.

– The next time you speak to Mazoga about ‘latest rumors’, she’ll mention the Bow of the Hunttress Shadow, which is apparently held in the vault of the bank. It’s a ‘simple’ break-in – I might recommend stealth for this one. She’ll congratulate you when you retrieve it.

A House in Leyawiin

There are three houses to purchase in Leyawiin:

– Storage Hut. A small, simple shack by the docks with hammock for 1000 gold
– Mizu House. A fully-furnished house on Main Street with pet cat for 10,000 gold. NB furniture can be moved around or sold. House comes with basement, automatic alchemy sorting, outdoor hot-tub and outhouse, attic, sitting-chair, kitchen-dining room and two bedrooms (sleeps five).
– Arantwyll. This ‘Ayleid-style’ house (20,000 gold) has a unique welkynd-powered stove, two bedrooms (sleeps four), dining area, lounge/music room, indoor bathroom, safes/storage and labelled chests. ‘Welkynd’ magicka regeneration altar and herb garden. Furniture can be moved or sold. Located in Main Street Underworks.

– Other properties:

– Abandoned Shelter. The goblin will let you live in the self-contained apartment downstairs in return for skooma.
– Leyawiin Castle, Guest Quarters. Completing the Reishi the Rat quest for the countess will persuade her to invite you to one of her legendary dinner parties. She will give you the keys; you can stay here indefinitely.
– Ra’Jahirr’s House. Completing the Blackwood Family quests will give you this comfortable town house.

Leyawiin Guild of Fighters

– Find Antus Flonius during the day (10am to 7pm) in the hall of the Fighters’ Guild. He will give you a key to the guildhall.

– When you first ask for ‘orders’, he will confess that the guild isn’t actually operating due to ‘politics’, but will explain that they will all be evicted from the guildhall unless they can each raise 500 gold. Turn over the gold to complete your first quest.

– Your next quest is simply to collect 50 bottles of wine from the Census and Excise office (where it has no doubt been held up by customs) and to deliver it to Januarius at Leyawiin Castle. Unless you are very strong, this might be a bit of a challenge. Januarius moves about, of course, but during the day will be found in the Servants’ Quarters. He will gratefully take the wine off your hands.

– Your next quest is to collect five pieces of ectoplasm for Alves Uvenim of the Mages’ Guild, who is keeping the Fighters’ Guild in business by chucking menial work their way. There are ghosts in the crypt; if you’re lucky, you’ll find your five pieces doing the amulet quest for the countess.

– Alves Uvenim now asks for four daedra hearts. How you get them is up to you; summon a daedric creature and kill it, or go to some daedric realm or other and kill a few beasties.

– Antus now gives you the ultimate humiliation; he asks you to do the week’s shopping. Traders’ inventories are random; you might find everything you need in a single trip, or you might have to journey far and wide.

– After such an ordeal, Antus just gives you some money and instructs you to go to the tavern and enjoy yourself. Funnily enough, it seems to be the hobby of most Fighters’ Guild members.

The Goblin Addict

– In the Main Street Underworks there is a house called ‘Abandoned Shelter’.

– G’nskar the goblin will suggest that you live downstairs (trapdoor near the fountain thing) in return for a regular supply of skooma.

– He will randomly admit that his former housemate died of his skooma addiction.

– You can buy skooma from a corprus stalker in the Chapel District Underworks

– You don’t actually have to give G’nskar any skooma at all. He won’t notice.

Leyawiin Guild of Mages

– Between 10am and 7pm, find Dagail right in the entry-way to the Leyawiin Mages’ Guild. She should be the first NPC you see when arriving from Balmora.

– She will give you a guildhall key, and a signet ring with which you can summon the Porter. He will train you, enchant items and transport your party for standard guild-guide rates. He offers travel to the guildhall, the Main Street Docks, the Underworks (near Arantwyll) and back to Balmora Guild of Mages. You have a choice when you summon him – ‘I need your assistance’ keeps him there; never mind lets him go.

– Your first task is to find five greater soulgems.

– Your second task is to find 10 pieces of crabmeat. You might be able to find these from traders around town.

– Your next task is to persuade the washerwoman – Fernandina – to sell a precious family heirloom. It’s a simple matter of raising her disposition in the usual bribe/flatter/threaten manner. She lives in the Main Street Underworks and is home most of the time.

– You are now asked to retrieve Kalthar’s diary since Dagail doesn’t trust him. His journal is actually located beneath the closet in the dormitory on the second floor. You can alternatively ask him directly about it (topic: duties) and he will provide a ‘fake’ journal. Give either the real one or the forgery and she’ll thank you.

– Your final task is to pass an examination. A series of multiple-choice questions from Dagail will test your knowledge of magical lore. If you answer all questions correctly, you will receive your Recommendation.

Reishi the Rat

– After you have completed the amulet quest, the countess will tell you about Reishi, a rat she was given as a present. She’s not overly keen on the creature, but is worried about how to explain its absence.

– The rat is running around in the Chapel Distrct, in the jungly bit past the Five Claws Lodge. Pick her up. If you have already spoken to the countess on the matter, you will receive a journal update. If you have not, and take her to the countess before having the conversation, just drop her (Reishi) on the floor again and pick her up for the update.

– The countess will thank you and suggest you keep the rat. Reishi is designed as a Guild Wars-style minipet – purely for decoration, she does not fight and is unlikely to be harmed, but will follow you around looking cute.

– The countess will also give you a key to the Leyawiin Castle Guest Quarters, a self-contained apartment in the Castle District. The comfortable accommodation includes a dining room, reception room, two bedrooms and a concealed bathroom.

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