Westly Presents-Dremora(Markynaz) Race & Princess Stomper Presents Gatanas Companion

A mod (new playable Dremora race, textures, armor and quest) by Westly, with a contribution (companion) by Princess Stomper

Size: 5.9mb 7zip

This plugin adds:

A new playable race, the Dremora (Markynaz)

6 male Dremora Heads
6 female Dremora Heads
Male and Female Vampire heads

3 hair color choices (Red/Wispy Red, White, Black) and bald hairstyles
for both male and female (with multiple horn styles)

Race Description:
The Dremora refer to themselves as ‘The Kyn’ (‘the People’), contrasting themselves to other Daedra, whom they consider unthinking animals. The term ‘kynaz’ refers to a member of the Dremora race (‘he of the Kyn’).

A Markynaz is a lord of lords, and member of the Markyn, Mehrunes Dagon’s Council of Lords.

The Dremora are skilled in both the art of war and adept in all schools of magika. As servants of Mehrunes Dagon, they are like him in pride, fixed purpose, and lack of subtlety, with the addition of the peculiar traits of honor and loyalty, both within their class and within their relationship to Lord Dagon.

(source: Varieties of Daedra by Aranea Drethan, Healer and Dissident Priest, the Imperial Library)

Stats (Male and Female)

Skill Bonus-
Light Armour-15
Short Blade-5

Soul of Mehrunes Dagon:
Resist Normal Weapons- 10%
Fortify Maximum Magika x5
Reflect 10
Fortify Willpower,Enchant, Restoration, Mysticism. Alchemy x3

Fist of Mehrunes Dagon:
Fortify Attack- +10
Fortify Strength, Axe, Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Marksman, Hand-to-Hand, Spear x3

Will of Mehrunes Dagon:
Fortify Block, Heavy Armour, Medium Armour, Unarmoured, Acrobatics, Agility, Endurance x3

Because they have a plus 3 bonus to most skills, attributes, then these Dremora’s will have no other starting spells. They are combat and magic driven, and thus might have a hard time with merhants and overall disposition. They may be lean a bit to the overbalanced edge, but these are Dremora’s, right? The bonuses would help out in the beginning, but eventually they would even out as the player levels up.

Also added in this mod is a rare form of Better Body Light Daedric Armor, the Daedric Arcana armor set. It is a full set of armour including a shield and three skirt/pants
to compliment the nature of the armor. To find the armour, journey to the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (Yasammidan, Shrine), to uncover the Secret of the Kyn (recommended for high level players, as the armour is guarded by a gauntlet/legion of the Kyn/Dremora; at least 7 Dremora at a given time, increasing in difficulty as the player levels).Because the armour is so rare and difficult to obtain, indeed its armor rating should be high so as to be a just reward for your troubles (= to glass and far more enchantable). A sword will also be found with the armour, the Fang of the Kyn. Once ,a pure elven blade of ebony, now a twisted tool of Oblivion reforged by the will of Mehrunes Dagon. It blade reflects the power of the Daedra, with each stroke a fatal blow for man and mer. (A corpse of a fellow adventurer holds the secret of the Kyn)

Prepare your self well for battle!
(this part of the mod requires Morrowind only)

Additionally, Princess_Stomper has graciously made a companion, Gatanas, from my Dremora Race. There are Two .esps for this (one for a male companion, one for a female companion). Choose one or the other .esp for this (as you can not use both). Should you chose the Dremora Companion, you will find them wandering near Moonmoth Legion Fort. Expelled from the planes of Oblivion, Gatanas will guide you in the quest for the armour that is included in the race mod. Gatana’s has many features that a current companion should have (companion to player warping, leveling with the player, options for combat style, and much more). Please read the Readme for more information regarding the companion, as well as contact and permission information.

Should you use the companion .esp’s , you will need Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed.

**Please note that this mod contains computer-game nudity and implied sexual activity if using the romantic aspects of the companion features. User discretion is advised. This site is not affiliated with Bethesda Softworks, and Bethesda Softworks is not responsible for any of the content linked to from this website. By clicking on the download link you accept responsibility for use of the content of this mod.**

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