ModTown 2006

Adds a new town to Morrowind all in interior cells with contributions by Fliggerty, Bryss Phoenix, Westly, Redguard Slayer, Lady Rae, Telesphoros, swrdphantom, Marbred, harborgolfer, Faylynn, etc.

Note: The conditions of entry were that all contributions should be made in 24 hours. The mod was compiled over a number of days in December 2006 and released as a beta in December 2006. A few small fixes were made to upgrade from beta but no significant changes made, so there still may be minor (non-game-breaking) errors and oddities. Since it is intended solely as a snapshot of 1st December 2006, no further revisions or corrections are planned.
Size: 27MB exe

ModTown 2006


Requires: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon


Adds the town of Emmosicz, with contributions from various members of the Morrowind modding community.

Go to the Lighthouse in Seyda Neen and press the button on the wall for transport to Emmosicz.




Overkill by Redguard Slayer


-Rainbow Faeries by Lady Rae-
Body: Better Bodies Team, Revenance
Wings: Korana & Robearberbil
Hair: Rhedd, Caped Crusader
Face: Rhedd, HellKitty
Dress: NioLiv
(lady rae)


-Tome of Telesphoros-
Mesh and Textures: Redguard_Slayer
Book Text: Telesphoros


-PCC Possible House by Blockhead-


-Spartan’s House by Spartan-
Exterior: Princess Stomper
Interior & Dialogue: Spartan


-MT house by swrdphantom-

shirt: NioLiv
pants: dereko777


-House by Martin255-


-Mattimeo’s Emporium by Mattimeo-

Riddle: JRR Tolkein


-Marbredian Burrow by Marbred-



-Galleria of Fligg and Bryss-

Mr Dave did the kollop door, we have also used just a couple items from Bob’s Armory (so we can showcase Bob’s Armory Wardrobe mod without requiring BA.) He also did the tex for the Phoenix Doppleganger race. Also blake. made the mesh for the portable hole. And clavis for the crystal egg meshes and textures
(Fliggerty & Bryss Phoenix)


-Faces by harborgolfer-

headmesh: Woodelf vampire head from Better Heads
textures: Made by Harborgolfer
Headmesh: Nord Vampire head taken from Better Heads.
Head textures: Glowmap from Better Heads. Face texture..base from Better Heads, modified by Harborgolfer.
Bodymesh: Asymetric mesh developed by Axel based on original Better Bodies meshes.
Body textures: Base from Alienslof’s BB muscleskin sourcefiles.  Modified by Harborgolfer.
Clothes meshes: Nioliv
Clothes textures: Lady Rae..retinted by Harborgolfer.
Hair mesh: Nomad/Thesiriussnape, taken from Blackheart Armor.
Hair texture: Thesiriussnape, taken from Blackheart Armor.


-remark by Tommy-
cat: Cait
Dialogue: Tommy Khajiit


-ccr modtown pbr by ccr-

Thanks to TommyKhajit for the PBR mesh (borrowed from his acs_bier mod), Qarl for the texture (which I modified), the movie “Animal House” for the “Grab a brew.  Don’t cost nuthin'” line, and most of all thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon — the cause of (and solution to) all of my problems.



-Stomper’s House by Princess Stomper-

* face – Princess Stomper/Persia Stomperia – Zul’s Breton Faces
* face – Him Indoors – Rhedd’s Heads
* hair – Princess Stomper – Rhedd’s Heads
* hair – Him Indoors – Rhedd’s Heads
* basins, bath, glass doors and cabinets – Dongle
* couches – Xeon

-The Willow Tree by Princess Stomper-

* willows – archeopteryx
* painting – gayla
* mesh – mighty_joe_young
* Windows – Dongle
* pond outside – Dongle (lanterns, see below)


-floating candles by ginge13-


-Twilamer Elves by Faylynn-


For:        Male    Female
Strength        50    50
Intelligence    50    50
Willpower        50    50
Agility        50    50
Speed        50    50
Endurance        50    50
Personality    50    50
Luck        50    50

Fortify sneak skill as spell ability

Twilamir Abilities:

Night Eye        20    Constant effect
Waterbreathing        Constant effect
Levitate        60    30    30

CREDITS  (Alphabetically)
With contact & usage information.

ALEANNE: Armbands

ALIENSLOF: Muscled Body

Alienslof’s note regarding body credits:
Fariel of the BB team for the original Photoshop source files – most of the texture is still hers, all I’ve done is tweak them a bit.

Mr Dave for the muscle layers I adapted for use in this project, and also for showing me a few texturing secrets for awkward areas of the meshes.

GOLGOTHA – For the use of some of his original female face textures.

KALIKUT – For use of some of her male Chimer heads.
***Contact me at The Elder Scrolls forums, CanadianIce’s forum, or email me at

KATERI – For ear & hair assistance on Louis Hair & instructions on NIFScope.

KORANA – For the use of her custom female face, & other female faces as well as her textured Lavender body.
***Feel free to use or distribute these in anyway you see fit.I do ask that you give myself credit for the textures, and the mesh maker(s) credit for their meshes.

A special thanks to Korana for the extra files for this race and her support of this project.

LOCH – For hair & face models.

MR. DAVE – For hair models
From Mr. Daves Readme.
REGARDING HAIR MESH ‘MyDrowHair.nif’: You have permission to use this hair only for player characters in any public release. You DO NOT have permission whatsoever, to use this particular hair mesh in ANY NPC hair replacement facility for public release, ever. This mesh is huge. Adding it to several NPCs will completely kill gameplay.
In plain English, please do not use ‘MyDrowHair.nif’ as an NPC hair replacement for any publically released mod. There are no exceptions. If it is ever found in an NPC hair replacement mod, the site admin will be asked to remove the mod. It has just too much of an adverse effect on FPS.

KALIKUT – Birthsign & texture

PDS & Better Bodies Team – for the Better Bodies models and textures.

QARL – For a hair model

REN – For head & hair models
Original face models are made by Rhedd, remodeled by REN.
Original face and hair textures are made by Ren.
Animated heads are converted to nif format by Cait.

RHEDD- Head models.
Rhedd’s Contact info: bgriff[at]

SOLAR’S SHOES: contact was unable to be achieved so credit is given here for the use of the shoe mesh.

TOMMY KAHJIIT & KATHRYN of Glory Road for unique hair meshs, arm band & sleeves.

UQFORGOTTEN – For some of his female heads

WESTLY- For some of his original male heads & hair.
For permissions and usage contact:
or seek him out at these forums: Planetelderscrolls and The Elder Scrolls Forums with the given id “Westly”. Please PM if you have any questions.
A very special thank you to Westly for his extensive excellent re-texturing help, the glow mapped eyes and also his support, encouragement and tutoring.
A big thank you to my Beta Testers, Westly, Mr. Dave & Lady Rae.


-ShadowFox Armor by Westly-

Hair/Mask Mesh by Ren, adjusted by Westly
Armour/female greaves/boot/Cuirass/veil Mesh by Nioliv
Male Pant and Boot Meshes by Junkmail, altered by Westly
Pauldron Mesh by Bethesda
Male Boot/Mask mesh by Joel Braddock (aka Mantodea)
Bracers/Tekkou by Legato

All Textures by Westly

Please do NOT reuse any of (Westly’s) textures without permission – see Shadowfox readme


-Mitsuki by Earth Wyrm-

Usage –
Face texture by Kayleena with some personal modifications
Ren’s Oblivion hair, adapted for Morrowind by Kateri
Psychodog studios team for the body mesh the dress was built around
RedwoodTreesprite for a silk texture used as a base for dress texture.


-ModTown Emmosicz-

Land: meshes by mighty_joe_young
Mountains: Redwood TreeSprites ‘Mountain Cave’ modders pack

Dress on character ‘Korana’ is by Korana

See readme for quest spoiler



DOWNLOAD from Morrowind Modding History

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