Mournhold Expanded

Mournhold Resort

Planet Elder Scrolls Hall of Fame Award

Planet Elder Scrolls Mod of the Year 2006: Honorable Mention, RPG Mod of the Year 2006 (Runner Up, RPG)

Mournhold Expanded (MW + TB + BM)

  • Over 200 new cells to explore
  • Huge palace with ‘river view’ windows in the bedrooms and a quest for ownership
  • Massive pleasure park with twelve themed adventure zones
  • Take an abandoned mine cart on a wild ghost train ride
  • Ride a magic carpet over a tropical sea
  • Take a gondola through a magical Akaviri Sakura orchard
  • Brave the Blizzard – Morrowind’s first rollercoaster
  • Soar over Vvardenfell on the back of a Silt Strider
  • Choose to ride a horse or a donkey
  • Enjoy free beer! Dancing and a cute petting zoo
  • Wrestle a bear
  • Go fishing, play chess or billiards, or try your hand at cards
  • Watch a spectacular firework display over Tamriel Park’s magical castle
  • Explore tiny replicas of each province of Tamriel, each with unique puzzles, rides and attractions
  • Numerous hotel rooms to stay in, restaurants to eat in and markets to shop in
  • Mournhold Resort – a luxury beach with a lively, music-filled tavern
  • Mournhold Docks – upgraded from Nemon’s beta, with hundreds of improvements while retaining the character of Nemon’s mod
  • Mall of Almalexia – completely reconstructed and filled with stunning creations from BadKarma, Korana, Calislahn, Pendraia and more
  • Andeera – from Nemon’s WIP – now the subterranean Argonian District, with plenty to see and do
  • Greater Andeera – another entirely new location, the underwater Argonian manor district
  • Ireni’s Beauty Boudoir – featuring iReni’s incredible faces and hair in a fully interactive beauty parlor
  • Residential areas of Bal Aruhn, Dayn Isra and Khajiit Town
  • A medium-sized player home to rent, buy or even steal!
  • Compatible with Necessities of Morrowind
  • Transport to and from Vvardenfell via Largukh gro-Lurn, captain of the Herald of Stars (Hla Oad), Kanit Efelen (Pride of the Sea of Ghosts, Sadrith Mora), Sebastien Emanene
    (High Rock Prosperity, to Seyda Neen) or Neveth Daresan the Guild Guide. There is also travel to the Docks from Ebonheart, and fast travel around the zones via guar cart!
  • Hundreds of NPCs with new dialogue and the occasional short, fun quest. Approx 60 of the NPCs have a simple companion script.
  • New playable/companionable race: inclusion whole of Lochnarus’ Ayleids, in their own tropical shanty town
  • Mournhold Expanded COM.esp adds children and items from Children of Morrowind
  • Choice of 4 .esp files – Mournhold Expanded.esp (regular), Mournhold Expanded NC.esp (No interactive chess to improve memory usage), Mournhold Expanded COM.esp (regular Children of Morrowind-compatible) and Mournhold Expanded COM NC.esp (Children of Morrowind-compatible, no interactive chess game) – Dozens of shops, cafes, offices and taverns – including retextured buyable furniture and plants, bedrolls, perfumes, music, foodstuffs and clothing

This mod works best on PCs with at least 2GB RAM and an Oblivion-recommended graphics card.

Size: 340MB executable


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Where to Stay
The Waterfront


Berth: Dormitory sleeps 6
Location: Mournhold Resort
Unique Features: Lively tavern in sunkissed beach resort
Activities: Two short quests
Type: Tavern
Cost: From 30g per night

Resort West-Two

The Waterfront

Berth: Sleeps about 4
Location: Mournhold Docks
Unique Features: Rent, buy or quest; fitted kitchen & bathroom, unfurnished lounge, bedroom(s); pool
Activities: Steal key from secure vault
Type: Part-furnished house near furniture store
Cost: Rent from 50g, buy for 12,000g

Nibenay Valley Inn


Berth: Suite sleeps 2-3 (dbl bed,sofa), room sleeps 2
Location: Almalexia Gardens, Cyrodiil Park
Unique Features: Window view, choice of room or suite, pool
Activities: Chess game in ‘normal’ version
Type: Hotel
Cost: Room from 50g, Suite from 80g

The Meadow

The Meadow

Berth: Sleeps 4-5: dbl bed, sgl bed, sofa
Location: Almalexia Gardens, High Rock Park
Unique Features: Choice of standard or deluxe room; pool
Activities: Billiards
Type: Hotel
Cost: From 30g per night

The Moon On The River

Moon on the River

Berth: Sleeps 2
Location: Dayn Isra
Unique Features: Unusual architecture, residential village location
Activities: None
Type: Tavern
Cost: From 30g per night

The Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion

Berth: 6 (suites), 5 (nursery), 24 (servants’ quarters)
Location: Dayn Isra
Unique Features: Luxury palace, stables, pool, masseuse, music room,  ‘travel’ servant
Activities: Quest, ballroom minstrels play ‘requests’
Type: Castle
Cost: 50,000g

Chiranji’s House

Chiranji's House

Berth: 1 single bedroom
Location: Khajiit Town
Unique Features: Unusually comfortable for type, secluded location
Activities: Short quest in COM NC version
Type: Shack
Cost: None

Getting There

If you’re travelling alone, Asciene Rane in Ebonheart will transport you safely to the Royal Palace Reception – a convenient central location from which to explore the City of Magic. Couples, families or groups can use our “recommended associates” the Vvardenfell Travel Agency. Those taking the Mournhold Expanded holiday may travel from Ebonheart, Hla Oad or Sadrith Mora to the Mournhold Docks.

Almalexia Gardens Travel Guide

Most of the information that you will need to find your way around the park is in the tourist guide on sale at various locations around the park.

To start each ride, look for the Dwemer crank and activate it. Four rides are inside the large ‘fairytale’ castle in the middle of Tamriel Park, called A Year In Tamriel. Each ride has a seasonal theme. Do not take companions along on the rides. All that I tried, other than Constance (who was running along in mid-air!) fell instantly to their deaths! Companions will, however, quite happily ride on the Hammerfell Stros M’Kai waterslide.

To persuade a companiable NPC to be your companion, look for dialogue topics prefixed with ** asking if you want any company. If their disposition is 80 or higher, they will agree to be your companion and ask what you want to do now. You can ask them to follow, stay, wander, play cards with you, dance, kiss or even make love with you. (The last two are blackouts/messageboxes and they need to seriously like you i.e. disposition 100 for the latter). If their disposition falls low enough, they will refuse to obey any more of your commands and cease to be your companion.

In early stages of testing, it was possible for characters to be injured on the Blizzard rollercoaster ride in the New Life park. This should not happen now, but if it does, the park employee standing by at the end of the ride (girl in a fur-trimmed dress) will heal you upon greeting if your health is below 100%. Speak to the guy in the grahl *cough* costume in the banquet hall and he will give you a chocolate coin. Help yourself to refreshments, or talk to the serving girl *cough* dressed up as a spriggan.

To ride a horse, just Activate it to mount and again to dismount. Ditto the donkey. You need to be in ‘running mode’ i.e. with the shift key to move forward. You’ll probably be the wrong height for the donkey, but it will look okay in 1st person view.

To start the guar race, speak to Raksada the Khajiit in the Halls of Colossus stadium. He is standing very near the point where, if you accept Kisheera’s transport offer to the ‘best seats’, you arrive. It’s a good idea to accept Kisheera’s offer as she puts you on the bench with the best view (it is quite possible to climb onto the bench unaided). You should already have the name of the winning guar from Ulla, who you completed the Lute Point mini-quest for at Mournhold Resort’s Waterfront tavern.

To use the gondola in the Cyrodiil park, just equip it like a piece of clothing. Because the gondola is actually a pair of shoes (!), your shoes will be invisible whilst you have it equipped and you will seem to be standing on top of it like a punt. The gondola is extremely heavy to dissuade you from walking off with it. To leave the boat, simply un-equip it. There is also a regular-style gondolier for fast travel. You can rent a choice of two rooms (or both) in the usual way from the castle-shaped hotel in the centre of Cyrodiil (Same applies to High Rock tavern). If you are less well off, simply go to the servant’s quarters, who will happily allow you the use of their beds. Click on the chess board to start a game (though don’t ask me how to play it – I can’t figure out the ‘real life’ kind!) – follow messagebox instructions.

I have put something in the figurines scripts to stop them attacking if you attack them, but I’m not 100% sure it works every time. Best not to attack your dolls like a moron, anyway!

The silt strider in the Morrowind park for some reason often doesn’t show up for most of the outbound journey – don’t worry, he’ll appear eventually, he’s just a little shy. The ride is very jerky – though I can’t imagine who would anticipate smooth travel on the back of a giant insect! He’ll behave for the return (bumpy) journey. There’s no trick to the Dagoth Ur maze – just remember where each door leads and you’ll find the way out.

How to change the minstrels’ music

The minstrels at The Royal Pavilion are scripted to play a selection of tunes entitled “Song 1”, “Song 2”, etc. To make them play your own choice of MP3, simply rename your favourite song(s) to “song1.mp3” etc. and copy-paste them into the subfolder Data Files\Music\PS\1\ , overwriting the songs currently in that folder. You can then dance with the companion NPCs to Slipknot or Abba if you prefer! Because you cannot have more than nine choices, that leaves you with seven tracks plus a ‘never mind’ and ‘stop playing’ option. There are three NPCs with music scripts, currently each one is the same script.

To have up to 21 different songs, simply rename further MP3s of your choice to song14.mp3 through to song21.mp3 and put them in the Music\PS\1\ subfolder. Make sure these songs are in the folder before you do the next step, or else the scripts will fail to compile.

Now open up the Construction Set, go to Gameplay, Edit Scripts and click on New. I have included a subfolder with this mod called ‘MP3 scripts’, in which there are plain text files with three scripts in them. The first script is the one already in the game. The second text file is the same as the first, but instead of ‘song1.mp3’ etc. it says ‘song14.mp3’ etc. and its ID is 1jw_me_mp3script2. Copy-paste this into the script edit window in the Construction Set and press Save. Press New and do the same with 1jw_me_mp3script3. Now find the minstrels in cell ‘Dayn Isra, Royal Pavilion: Ballroom’. Double click on the second minstrel, and where you see ‘1jw_me_mp3script’ in the drop-down script menu, change that to ‘1jw_me_mp3script2’. Now find the third minstrel and change his script to ‘1jw_me_mp3script3’. Save your changes, and now you have a ‘human jukebox’ of 21 different songs to enjoy in-game.

As always, be aware that any changes you make to an .esp file will affect any existing game in which you have used that mod (such as disappearing/doubling NPCs and objects). You will only be able to enjoy your changes with a new save, or with the use of a save cleaning tool such as Wrye Mash.


Caution – please bear in mind that the following text may spoil the surprise for some guests. Please note that the House Indoril and Chiranji house quests are
only available with the COM NC version.


  1. Councilor Okan-Tan of Andeera will tell Nerevarine characters that they are welcome to stay in his house for as long as they wish.
  2. Due to the hospitality of the Greater Andeerans, no ownership is set. Whilst you are invited to take a drink and some soup, you may rob them blind without them batting an eyelid. It would just be incredibly rude to do so.
  3. There’s some ‘amusing dialogue’ with Liechal the Lich in the Mall of Almalexia, but it’s not a quest per se, just a conversation.
  4. Warriors fancying a scrap can find a ‘training ground’ in the northern part of the Docks. You will find a guard at either end, each of whom will warn you of the dangers of entering. It’s full of skeleton champions to fight.
  5. The Feast of Secunda is celebrated “this week” (i.e. all year round!) in the new areas of Mournhold. This leads to empty offices and closed buildings, such as King’s College in Dayn Isra. However, the school of armory, school of combat and nursery are still open. The nursery doesn’t really do anything but is somewhere handy to drop the kids whilst you go shopping. The teacher in the armory school will fix any weapons and armor that need doing (there’s no smith in Dayn Isra), and you can practice sparring with the combat teacher, who will stop the fight as soon as either of you lose too much health. If you convince any of the NPCs to be your companion, mention the Feast of Secunda to them (the topic will appear if you have spoken to NPCs in certain offices in the Docks). Mention it once, and your companion will give you gold! Mention it twice, and they’ll gratefully receive your gift. After that, they’ll just tell you about the feast’s history.
  6. The sewers under Dayn Isra connect with the (new) Temple Sewers North, next to the entrance to Andeera, and thus to the whole Old Mournhold sewer network. ‘Evil’ characters can use the Abandoned Lair as a home.

A Lute Point

  1. Although you may be given this quest at any time, you cannot complete it without solving Balnor’s quest. Ulla is one of the lute players at the Waterfront tavern in Mournhold Resort. She will complain that one of her lute strings is broken.
  2. Simply ask the bartender for Ulla’s lute and she will give it to you (provided you have helped Balnor). She will also reward you with a free drink for helping Balnor.
  3. Give the lute to Ulla, and she will reward you with a tip on the guar races.
  4. Don’t worry about the tip for now – the guar race is in Almalexia Gardens.

Balnor’s Bag

  1. Balnor is the very drunk Wood Elf staggering around the Waterfront tavern. He has lost his white bag.
  2. It is behind the screen near the shower.
  3. Give him the bag. He will ask you to hold his drink and promptly collapse.
  4. Drinking the cocktail will poison you and knock a couple of points off your health. You don’t, of course, have to drink the potion. I just thought it was funny.
  5. Balnor will be very warmly disposed to you after he recovers, and your reputation will increase.

A Warehouse Accident

  1. Nemon put a strange body and a note thanking those who had inspired him in the Mournhold Docks Warehouse. I didn’t have the heart to remove it, so I added a very short side quest!
  2. Find the body and read the note.
  3. Speak to anyone in the warehouse about ‘strange body’ and they will explain that it was an industrial accident.
  4. The body and the note will have been *ahem* cleaned up by the authorities the next time you pass.

A House Available

  1. If you speak to Elandria, the publican at the Thief and Kagouti tavern, about ‘beds’, she will tell you about ‘a villa just north-west of here’.
  2. You can rent the house using the NOM-inspired rental script for a choice of time-periods, or you can have the house on a permanent basis.
  3. You can give Elandria 12,000 gold and own the house immediately. It is near the Morag Tong Guildhall and the Library, on the north-western side of the perimeter wall.
  4. If you decide not to buy the house straight away, thief players can mention it to the High Elf near the bar. Esmarel will suggest to Thieves Guild members that you steal the key to the house from a chest in the Hall of Records.
  5. The door to the villa has a level 100 lock on it.
  6. The key is in a level 50 locked chest in the corner on the left-hand side of the Hall of Records. The ‘Secure Area’ has a level 50 lock on the door to get in. There are people inside and guards around. It’s your call.
  7. If you steal the key, Esmerel will congratulate you and the resultant journal entry should stop the relocking script, but just in case, don’t lose the key!

The Orc’s Wife

  1. Torukh gro-Bol is an orc wandering around the Mall of Almalexia. He will mention that his wife has asked for some ‘flowery’ perfume.
  2. There is a stall in the corner selling perfume and jewellery. There are six types of perfume – five are named after the Great Houses of Indoril, Dres, Hlaalu, Telvanni and Redoran, and the last is called Noble Sedge Perfume Oil.
  3. Speak to Torukh gro-Bol again. He will offer to buy the perfume off you for 60 gold, which is 10 more than its cover price.

A Stitch in Twine

  1. Alyssa Tamari, the clothier, has run out of green thread. It’s a simple fed-ex quest.
  2. Ask around about ‘find some thread for me’, and most vendors will be rather unhelpful.
  3. Korana Veralori, another clothier, will suggest that you look upstairs at the market stalls on the upper level.
  4. Traders on the upper level will say that they’ve seen one around, again, not hugely helpful.
  5. There’s a Khajiit called Hainissi with a bric-a-brac stall. Ask him the same question, and he’ll tell you that he has some.
  6. Barter for it in the usual way.
  7. Alyssa will reward you with a free dress.

Seed of My Father

  1. Chalur the Argonian lives in the subterranean district of Andeera.
  2. He mentions that his father has died and begs you to place some seeds in an urn in the burial barrow.
  3. Chalur quite neglects to mention that the barrow is flooded and infested with slaughterfish.
  4. Make your way through the watery dungeon and find Chalur’s Father’s Urn.
  5. Clicking on the urn will bring up a choice to place the seeds in the urn. Choose ‘yes’.
  6. Chalur will reward you with a ruby.

The Bride’s Ring

  1. There’s a wedding taking place in Dayn Isra Cathedral.
  2. If you talk to any of the guests, they will point you in the direction of the best man. He tells you that he has lost the bride’s ring!
  3. The ring is at the back of the cathedral, near the flowers, next to the font.
  4. Give him back the ring for a cash reward.

The Missing Queen

  1. In Dayn Isra, you will find Barenziah in the Drawing Room upstairs in the Royal Pavilion. It’s just off the Short Hall, which in turns leads off the Upper Hall.
  2. Barenziah will start to tell you that she has “only this advice to offer you”.
  3. She will stop mid-sentence and ask if you heard a scream, and will then ask you to investigate downstairs.
  4. Go back into the main hall on the ground floor and you will find all the guards dead.
  5. Touching the guards to look for evidence will bring up a journal entry. It’s not totally essential that you have this, but it helps.
  6. Returning to the Drawing Room, Barenziah is gone. You will get another journal entry telling you to ask the servants if they saw anything.
  7. Most of the servants aren’t particularly helpful, but the cook in particular seems too frightened to speak. She must have seen something.
  8. You can either ask the stable-hand, who will suggest that you check the cellar for another route out of the Pavilion; or the housekeeper (upstairs in the Servants’ Lounge), who will tell you that she saw Barenziah being dragged off into the kitchen – and that they didn’t come out again.
  9. Go through the kitchen into the cellar and look for a completely unconcealed trap door in the floor. This leads down into the sewers.
  10. The sewers are full of the usual mischief – goblins, rats and the like. Oh, and a Nord, an Orc and Queen Barenziah!
  11. The Nord and the Orc will attack on sight. Be warned – they are level 45 and 40 respectively – no great shakes if you’re tough enough to be in Mournhold generally.
  12. After killing the kidnappers, talk to Barenziah.
  13. She will thank you, but tell you that she does not want to return to the Pavilion because she doesn’t feel safe there, and wants to return to the palace to live with her son. She says that you can have the Pavilion for 50,000 gold, but explains that the possessions in the house far exceed that value. She then tells you to speak to Miaren, the housekeeper, if you want to buy it and teleports to safety.
  14. Miaren is still upstairs in the Servants’ Lounge. You can buy the Pavilion for fifty grand and everything is restored.

Ubaash’s Request

  1. Ubaash in Khajiit Town’s Gathering Place is looking for The Wolf Queen Book 1.
  2. You can find it in leveled lists; in the Mannammu cave; in Venim Manor Guard Quarters, or in Nedhelas’ House in Caldera.
  3. The book is worth 250 gold. Ubaash will drop in an extra 50 for your trouble.

Chiranji’s House

  1. People in Khajiit Town will tell you that Chiranji was caught smuggling moon sugar and has been missing ever since.
  2. Speak to Ashirani in her house. She will tell you the story of how she shopped her brother Chiranji to the guards after their younger brother died from a skooma overdose.
  3. Chiranji is in a cell on the second floor of Dock Keep 1 in the Docks.
  4. He is content to serve his sentence – provided someone is looking after his house. If you accept the task, he will give you the key to his house.

Great House Indoril

  1. Go to Drathen Manor in Dayn Isra and speak with Edwyn Drathen. Like all the Great Houses, if you have a few skills and a Reputation, he will invite you to join. Unlike the other Great Houses, you may still join Indoril if you are already a member of another Great House – but Edwyn will ask you to swear sole allegience to Indoril.
  2. The first quest is a simple courier quest to deliver a note to Han-Il in Bal Aruhn. Just wander down to the small docks opposite Drathen Manor and take a boat across. It’s just a little introduction to the Ayleid shanty town if you haven’t already been there. Talk to Han-Il (the first NPC you’ll see) about “serious communication issues” and he’ll thank you and take the letter. He has the travel option to return you to Dayn Isra.
  3. After returning to Edwyn Drathen with news of your accomplishment, he’ll reward you and send you off to the Census and Excise office to look for evidence of an agent running for House Dres called Serdusa. She works behind the counter of the office in Mournhold Docks, it’s right near the water front. Ignore her, she won’t tell you anything. Look upstairs in the sleeping quarters and find a letter half-tucked under a pillow. Take it back to Edwyn Drathen.
  4. He will be “visibly upset” at the news, as you twig that Serdusa is actually his lady-friend and she’s been carrying on with the enemy! He’ll send you back to kill her by
    poisoning her supper-bowl. If you go back to where you found the note, there are now two bowls rather than one on the dresser. If you click on Serdusa’s bowl and are carrying the vial given to you by Edwyn, you will have the option of poisoning the bowl. Say ‘yes’ for a journal entry. (If you already killed Serdusa, you will not get this part of the quest, and will miss out on the resultant payment and disposition increase.) Return to Edwyn for your reward.
  5. Edwyn will now tell you to eliminate Serdusa’s lover, Marner Veldor (the mysterious ‘M’ from the letter). You can find him in the Mournhold Docks Warehouse. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the same technique you probably used in Larrius Varro’s Bad People quest – bribe him until his disposition is high and then taunt him until he attacks. That way you can kill him without fear of “bringing shame onto the House”. Return to Edwyn for your reward.
  6. Now you will be asked to retrieve the wrapped dossier package that Serdusa gave to Marner, which he has hidden in the sewers below Dayn Isra for his House Dres contact to collect. In Dayn Isra, look for a trap door in the corner, opposite the way in from Almalexia Gardens. Alternatively, there’s an entry in the Royal Pavilion cellar (or, if you’re really keen, you can get in from the Temple Sewers North which connects with the rest of Old Mournhold). If you’ve done Barenziah’s quest, you’ll already be quite familiar with the Dayn Isra sewers. The ‘baddies’ are leveled list spawn points, and if you have MCA this could also include some quite tough vampires. Near where you rescued Barenziah, there’s a cell called Abandoned Lair.  The package is just before you get there, where the bricks change to natural cave, past the water, tucked behind a support strut. Take it back to Edwyn.
  7. If you have wandered up towards the Cathedral, you will be aware that there has recently been a landslide, which has cut off half the town, leaving most of it unreachable. Although you won’t get to see it to completion (because I have no intention of building another fifty interior cells of just houses!), you will at least get to see it started. Edwyn will send you off to the Temple to speak to Fedris Hler about funding. This is easy enough – he’s just in the Temple reception area, and you’ll remember him from the Tribunal Main Quest. First, he will ask you to give him two days to think it over. After that, he will agree when his disposition is 80 or higher. Once you have him convinced (you’ll get a journal entry), go back to Edwyn.
  8. House Indoril aren’t very keen on the Imperial monarchy, but needs must and you need planning permission. If you go back to the Royal Palace Throne Room (quickest way is to cast Divine Intervention and then go through the Reception Area and then upstairs), you’ll find Tienus standing near the throne. He’ll readily agree, much to everybody’s surprise – but mostly because he doesn’t have to pay for it.
  9. Now it’s the test of your “moral fibre” so to speak. Edwyn will give you a key to the House Indoril chest in the high-security vault of the Bank of Almalexia (apologies
    at this point to Indestructible, whose scripts formed the basis of the banking system and whose name was erroneously omitted from earlier versions of the readme). The key he gives you will unlock the door to the vault (don’t worry about talking to the staff, they will only talk to you about your own account, if you have one) and, in turn, to the House Indoril chest. Take the 25,000 gold in there and DON’T SPEND IT! Sheesh!
  10. Once you have proved your loyalty by handing over the gold to Edwyn, he now has wages to pay some steelworkers to help reconstruct the town. If you ask around in town about “reconstructing Dayn Isra”, they’ll point you in the direction of the smith in the Armory School of King’s College, which is opposite the tavern. He’ll promise to send his graduating students over to help with the rebuilding. (At this point, you will be able to use the small trap door next to the door to the Little Bazaar. The trap door leads to the ‘underpass’, to the newly rebuilt Indoril Park. It’s just a little playground for children, with a small portion of the river you can actually swim in. There’s still scaffolding along the tops of the walls, though.)
  11. By this point, you will have reached the stage that with the other Houses would lead to the ‘stronghold’ missions. However, the grandest stronghold in the area is virtually next door. Edwyn will send you to the Royal Pavilion to speak with Barenziah. If you have already done the quest and bought the palace, speak to Edwyn again and he will promote you to Councilman.
  12. There is only one further stage to your career with House Indoril, and that is promotion to Grandmaster. Edwyn will discuss no further business with you, only your final
    advancement. He shares Drathen Manor with his sister, and she wants to get married, so he wants to move out. If you kill him (in the traditional duel), Dayn Isra will be
    unprotected when you go off on your travels, so he suggests that you simply buy your promotion for 10,000 gold. Give him the gold to become Grandmaster.

Bal Aruhn

There aren’t any quests as such in Bal Aruhn. It doesn’t seem a popular place with… well, anyone really. Everyone hates it as being a miserable, foreboding little place and there’s nothing much to do there. There are no shops, no taverns, no services. The closest thing to a motive for going there is an underwater cave filled with treasure in locked, trapped chests. It’s extremely difficult to get from place to place in Bal Aruhn. However, should you manage to make your way inside one of the shacks, you might meet a gorgeous Ayleid who will be your faithful companion. Of course, you might equally meet one that runs at you with an axe. Well, that’s life, I guess…

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