Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded

  • Museum of Artifacts Improvements: Just a little eye-candy mod to make the Museum of Artifacts look more like a museum, with text descriptions for items
  • Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded: Incorporates TheOtherFelix’s Mournhold Museum mod, adding more items for sale/donation and various other improvements

Museum of Artifacts

Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded

Incorporates Expanded MoA by TheOtherFelix

This plugin and its included addition are not compatible with any versions of Expanded MoA by TheOtherFelix and should not be used with games saved while using any of those versions.

Upon first entering the museum after installing this plugin, it may be necessary to use the “ra” console command to update the guards’ positions properly (if any appear to be stuck in the furniture).

ExpandedMoA by TheOtherFelix (merged into this .esp) makes the following changes to the game (for details, see section 4. Notes):

  • The Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold will accept all items listed in the book “Famed Artifacts of Tamriel,” which now also lists all items that the museum will accept.
  • The museum now has security measures in place to better protect the artifacts on display
  • Artifacts can now be donated to the museum at any time, rather than only during a certain stage of a certain quest
  • Scripted AI package adjustment for Torasa Aram
  • Path grid adjustments in the museum to better compensate for furniture and guard placement
  • Northmarker adjustment in the museum
  • Various museum related dialogue condition and result fixes and adjustments
  • The Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold will accept Hircine’s Ring, which is briefly described in a page of notes added near the original location of “Famed Artifacts of Tamriel.”

The Museum of Artifacts Improvements mod by Princess Stomper (merged into this .esp) makes the following changes to the game:

  • Makes the MoA look more like a museum, with improvements to the layout.
  • Warning – not ALL artifacts have NoPickUp, especially the expensive stuff – be careful what you touch!
  • Press the ‘Information’ buttons and signs for information about each exhibit.
  • General exhibits from the Merethic to the beginning of the Third Era are on the ground floor; the “Vvardenfell Collection” upstairs is items donated by you, and other island heroes.


DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls (choice of versions)

DOWNLOAD Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded (by Princess Stomper & TheOtherFelix) from ElricM

DOWNLOAD Museum of Artifacts Improvements (by Princess Stomper) from ElricM

SIZE: 2.04Kb WinRar

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