New version of Big Blue House up

A new version of Big Blue House – a five-bedroomed house for Fallout 3 – has been uploaded.

Version 1.2 adds a workaround to assist ‘vanilla’ companions (ones not added by mods) such as Clover and Jericho to avoid the Fallout 3 bug that prevents them entering into modded interiors.

Version 1.1 fixes the Nuka Cola vending machine scripts and moves the key to the rear of the property – riskier for the player, but means you no longer have to TCL to reach it.

New version of Crate Manor

Fixes in version 1.1: ownership on 2 beds in Anvil Wing, ownership on doors, a couple of floating misc items.
Known issue: if you have entered the cell prior to installation, you may not see the door in the IC Waterfront. Please use the other door, located at the SI gate. The door will reappear if you then exit the manor using the City Isle exit.

Passwall Home


Name: Reedy Wallow
Berth: 7 (1 dbl bedroom + 1 dbl guest rm + 1 sgl guest rm + servants’ quarters)
Location: Passwall, Shivering Isles
Unique Features: Scripted library, ‘back door’ to Crucible, various interactive items
Activities: None
Cost: 5000g (optional)
Size: 58kb WinZip

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Princess Trees


Adds a few trees to southern Vvardenfell. Designed to be ‘lighter’ than other tree addition mods. Uses Lady Eternity’s animated trees.
Size: 645kb 7zip


The Elder Scrolls III
Princess Trees.ESP Version 1.0
(Requires: Morrowind)

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Tenpenny Home Extension


Berth: sleeps 4
Package: house mod
Location: Tenpenny Tower
Unique Features: Luxurious extension to quest-reward home in the Capital’s most upmarket district. Comfortable double-bedroom with window, well-scrubbed bathroom, and dining room with infirmary facilities, in a seamless extension to the existing suite. A comfortable seating area is provided for you to enjoy the view.
Activities: none
Type: House Extension
Cost: none
Size: 64.6kb


Fallout 3
Princess Tenpenny Home Extension
By Princess Stomper

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Sheogorath Palace


Details: Adds new residential and entertaining quarters for Sheogorath, his guests and staff.
Size: 65.3kb WinZip
*********************** The Elder Scrolls IV ***********************
*************************** – OBLIVION – ***************************
************************ BETHESDA SOFWORKS *************************

Mod Name: Princess Sheogorath Palace
Version: 1.1
Author: princess stomper
Requires: Shivering Isles
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Seyda Neen Shack


Berth: 2 (1 dbl bed) plus bedroll under bed
Location: Seyda Neen
Unique Features: Unusually spacious and comfortable partitioned interior, kitchen-dining room, bathroom, bedroom, balcony over water
Activities: None
Type: Shack
Cost: 2000g
Size: 11kb WinZip


The Elder Scrolls III
(Requires: Morrowind)

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