Princess Crate Manor

On the outside, it’s just an ordinary crate on the waterfront of Cyrodiil’s docks. On the inside, it’s a sprawling mansion with seven themed ‘wings’ reflecting the various architectures of Tamriel’s capital and its neighboring daedric realms.

Berth: 11 bedrooms, sleeps 18
Location: Imperial City Waterfront
Unique Features: Inside the crate (outside Bloated Float) is a hallway to 7 unique ‘wings’ of a sprawling mansion with servants, pets, and near-unlimited storage. Self-contained houses have bathrooms and pools, in styles from Oblivion to Paradise, and Anvil to Bruma
Activities: None
Cost: None
Size: 67.8kb WinZip


*********************** The Elder Scrolls IV ***********************
*************************** – OBLIVION – ***************************
************************ BETHESDA SOFWORKS *************************

Mod Name: Princess Crate Manor Readme
Version: 2.0
Author: princess stomper
Contact: [snip]

Thanks To:
Bethesda Softworks
Pseron Wyrd for the idea

Open the hatch in the packing-crate outside the Bloated Float at the Imperial City Waterfront and find yourself inside a highly unusual box. The crate is a hallway with each door leading to one of seven unique ‘wings’:

  • Anvil Wing, with its stunning waterside balcony views; reception room, kitchen-dining room, 1 dbl bedroom, 1 sgl bd, bathroom, upper hall, cat
  • Bruma Wing, a cosy hunting lodge; 1 dbl bedroom, 1 sgl bed, lounge-dining room, reception hall
  • Sheoth Wing, inspired by Crucible and Bliss; kitchen-dining room, 1 dbl bedroom w/ en-suite bathroom
  • Imperial Wing, a complete mansion in the Talos Plaza style; reception hall w/ dog and spellmaking/enchanting, dining hall, huge basement w/ plenty of storage, 1 dbl bedroom, 1 sgl bedroom, 1 storage room/study, upper reception/display room, attic w/ pool
  • Leyawiin Castle Wing, a large residential suite; 2x “guards” (uniformed crusaders), 1x trader-servant w/ own quarters, kitchen-dining room, reception hall, drawing room, 2 large dbl bedrooms
  • Sigillum Sanguis Wing, a daedric realm; blood and magicka wells, ‘punished’ storage, combat training area, table and chairs, daedric benches, sleeping area for 2
  • Carac Agailalor Wing, a taste of paradise; kitchen, small pool, reception hall with throne, dbl bed for 1, dining area, herb garden

Total number of bedrooms/sleeping zones: 11, with a total berth of 18.
(This does not include the trader-servant’s bedroom.)
There is substantial “safe” storage throughout.

There is also a passage leading out to the Shivering Isles gate (externally, to avoid the common no-speech issue), as well as return transport to the Imperial City Waterfront.



Quite a while back, I had returned home from an occasion long since forgotten and was reading the forums.  I noticed a remark by Pseron Wyrd that posters on the Morrowind Mods forum were so demanding that they expected someone to put a mansion for them in Seyda Neen, for the player to find as soon as they had finished chargen.

As I was in an obliging mood, I copy-pasted my favourite mansion cell – I think it was Venim Manor in Ald’ruhn – and linked it to a crate-door in Seyda Neen. Unfortunately, I was so drunk that I didn’t notice I had left a wall off! I had just put a temporary link to the mod, and by the time I noticed the error I decided that it wasn’t really worth fixing and the joke was over now anyway, so I forgot about it. One hard drive failure later, the mod was lost forever. I did think it was quite a funny joke, though.

Ever since I started playing Oblivion, I thought that the ‘crate manor’ idea was something that could work here – a nice easy way of creating any type of ridiculously oversized house that wasn’t quite a pocket dimension and would have the minimum number of conflicts. On the spur of the moment, last weekend, I decided to rebuild it. At first it was all straight copies of existing cells, but I couldn’t resist changing a bit here and a bit there, so the finished result would be recogniseable to seasoned players while still being that bit different and having the odd truly unique feature. For example, I added a pool to the attic of my copy of Umbacano Manor (the Imperial Wing), and as well as turning Leyawiin Castle’s basement into another bedroom, I also decorated the place with potted ferns to give it a more lush and tropical feel, since Leyawiin is supposed to be jungle.

This mod was really made with Pseron Wyrd in mind, so unless he has anything to say on the issue, no updates are planned. Obviously if there’s some really huge error, feel free to email me as usual.

Lore: Stuff I Made Up

When Sheogorath quarreled with his lover, he shut her in a box. When she had finished ranting and crying, she decided to borrow the mind of Armavel Hlervu, having long since lost her own. With Hlervu’s mind, Aanila had herself the thoughts of an architect, and using the power she had borrowed from her Prince, she built herself a manor. She thought to the places she had been, both in her life and in her dreams, and built the world around her. She paused just outside the gate that had brought her first to her lover, and there she sat and plotted.

When she had thought of a terrible revenge, she wandered through the gate, leaving her crate-home quite abandoned. (She left the mind of Hlervu there as well, and it is said that after that dreadful business at the Odai Plateau, he never was the same again.) Nobody knows what happened next to Aanila and the Prince, but she evidently forgave him. Some say he wept until she forgot her grudge; others that when she set eyes on him she was so overcome with passion she couldn’t bring herself to harm him. It may be simply that she plain forgot and turned up to the palace armed only with lettuce and twine. (Eunace the Twisted once wrote that Aanila trapped her Prince in a soulgem for a whole week as punishment for his mischief. Though there is no evidence to support this, it is the favored theory among the Strident Sisters of Whitebarrow.)

Whatever did transpire, Aanila and the Prince shared many years together following the occasion, and were happy in their own fashion. Whether she eventually returned to the mortal realm, or passed away in some mystical event, is unknown. No trace of the madgod’s lover remains, except for that one token of her architectural insanity: a box that appears to mortals at times of its own choosing, and carries in it a mansion from a strange girl’s dream.

Version History:
2.0 – Adds new doors to major locations to/from the house; repairs broken doors from version 1.1
1.1 – fixes bed ownership, door ownership, a couple of floating misc items
1.0 – First Release.

Copy all files to your Oblivion/Data folder, activate the esp/mod in the “Data Files” list when you start the game or in OBMM.

There should now be a small trap door on top of one of the crates outside the Bloated Float ship at the Imperial City Waterfront.
Issues / Conflicts:

Sometimes if your character has been to the IC Waterfront prior to installation, the door is missing. Use the back door at A Strange Door (SI gate) to enter the manor – the door will have reappared outside the Bloated Float next time you leave via the City Isle exit.
How to Uninstall:
Deactivate the mod in “Data Files” or in OBMM, and remove the files from your Oblivion/Data folder.


DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

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