Princess Docks

A docking area for Seyda Neen by Princess Stomper & Denina

Notes (By Denina):

This adds a small docking area to Seyda Neen, with four storage shacks and four NPCs, including two travel NPCs providing a total of eight destinations: Solstheim, Mournhold, Vivec, Ebonheart, Gnaar Mok, Khuul, Sadrith Mora, and Molag Mar.

There is some loot in the storage shacks, but nothing not on par with what you’d find outside of Balmora or Pelagiad. You also have to be able to get in the shacks to get it.

Princess Stomper made this mod back in 2005 and had never been officially released. I liked it because it wasn’t as obtrusive and didn’t clutter Seyda Neen like other expanding Seyda Neen-type mods, but it a few minor issues that needed quick fixes. Princess Stomper graciously allowed me to make the fixes, add some dialogue and a couple of ideas, and upload it.

This mod might be unbalancing.

Changes from Princess Stomper’s original version:

  • Added proper “shipmaster” greeting to both travel NPC and destination topics to both. Also, to stay true to Bethesda’s original method for the shipmasters, I gave the ship’s names in their dialogue.
  • Removed inappropriate ownership tags in all storage shacks.
  • Changed some of the crates so the loot in them would be scaled back as some of the original crates were a little too good considering their ease of acquisition.
  • Added locks to all doors of the shacks so the stuff in the crates isn’t too easy to get, but not impossible either.
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue in front of storage shack #3.
  • Re-named the exterior cells where the docks are located to Seyda Neen.

Princess Docks

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