Big Blue House

Well-decorated 5-bedroomed house in the heart of Washington DC (corner of 7th St and Pennsylvania Ave), near Reilly’s Rangers


Fallout 3
Big Blue House v1.3
By Princess Stomper


1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Save Games
4. What It Does
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

Version 1.2 adds a workaround to prevent vanilla companions (Clover, Jericho, etc.) getting lost through the door
Version 1.1 fixes a bug in the Nuka Cola machine script, moves key to rear of house


1. Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the .esp file into the Fallout 3/Data directory


2. Playing the Plugin

From the Fallout 3 Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Princess Big Blue House.esp file.


3. Save Games

This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game.


4. What It Does

Adds a large 5-bedroom house to the Seward Square area of Washington DC, on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and 7th Street, opposite Reilly’s Rangers. The house is bright blue, hence the name.

The house is a former guest-house called The Town House, which has been occupied until recently by a couple of researchers who fled to another State when the woman fell pregnant. The house is generally well-decorated and in good repair, complete with “artificial” flowers in vases.

There are a number of mines strewn around the property so try not to step on them!

When entering the house, leave your companions at the door (inside or outside) the first time or they will get into a fight with the robot (and continue to fight him after reprogramming)

As soon as you have reprogrammed the robot, you may rejoin your companions, but do wait a few seconds because it takes a few moments for the new AI to kick in.



big blue house

  • Potted plants and hanging baskets
  • Map-marker – visible but cannot travel-to until found
  • Locked front door (leveled) with half-concealed key at rear of house

Ground Floor

  • Dining/lounge area with cozy fireplace
  • Terminal to control (reprogrammed) butler
  • 12 containers suitable for storage (inc safe)
  • Utility room
  • Kitchen with sink, refrigerator and scripted oven to bake sweetrolls

Scripted elevator to basement and 2nd floor



  • Ice-cold Nuka vending machine
  • Jukebox
  • Pool tables (could be used for trophy display)
  • 9 containers suitable for storage

First Floor

  • 3 bedrooms (2x double, 1x single)
  • Shared bathroom
  • 6 containers suitable for storage

Second Floor

  • 2 large suites (one has queen-sized four-poster bed!)
  • 2 en-suite bathrooms
  • Window views to rear alley
  • Robot butler – initially aggressive – who dispenses unlimited dirty water and has the barber menu
  • 15 containers suitable for storage




  • Terminal to reprogram robot butler (also has background info on house)
  • 12 containers suitable for storage
  • Cozy study area with filled bookshelf
  • Laboratory (collect the missing part before use)
  • Infirmary (collect the missing part before use)
  • Workbench

The house is fully navmeshed and is in its own Never Resets encounter zone, and the door is set to Player ownership so you should never be disturbed.


5. Credits

Bethesda Softworks
Illyism and PoHa – scripting advice/troubleshooting


6. Usage

Subject to the terms of Bethesda’s EULA. There is no restriction on the distribution of my mods so long as they are kept intact with all their files and the readme. If you do upload or redistribute the mod, you take responsibility for ensuring that you have the latest version, and of uploading any subsequent versions of the mod that are released.


7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

  1. If your companions are with you when you first encounter Geoffrey (the robot butler), they are likely to fight each other, and continue to do so even after his “reprogramming” has taken place.
  2. It will take a few moments after you have “reprogrammed” him for his AI to reset to friendly. Just leave the cell and find him a few minutes later and he’ll be as docile as a puppy
  3. The sloping ceiling in the attic is a little uneven, because when I had the pieces all even, I got clipping errors. Hopefully it doesn’t look too bad.


DOWNLOAD from ElricM

DOWNLOAD from Fallout 3 Nexus


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