Pocket Homes


Berth: Numerous
Location: Outer Realm
Unique Features: Five houses, one in each style of Ashlander, Mage, Thief, Warrior and Daedric. Companion-friendly travel
Activities: Five short quests
Type: Pocket Dimension
Cost: none
Size: 12MB 7zip

Princess Pocket Homes by Princess Stomper

The Elder Scrolls III
Princess Pocket Homes version 1.0
(Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal)




1. Description
2. Installation
3. Compatibility
4. Features
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues
8. Walkthrough



Adds 5 portable homes (one each for mage, thief, warrior, daedric and ashlander), each with a fun, short quest to gain ownership.


Extract the files into your Morrowind\Data Files directory, ensuring that Icons, Meshes and Textures are placed in the appropriate folders.

It is strongly advised that you use a new savegame to avoid ‘doubling’ errors or other incompatibilities related to ‘dirty saves’ – which occur after adding, modifying or removing .esp files.

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Princess Pocket Homes.esp file.


Compatible with Necessities of Morrowind.


* Five fun, short quests
* Five unique houses
* Travel by talking rat!
* NOM compatible


* Necessities of Morrowind – food/drink and scripts
* Baratheon – fireplace stuff
* Korana – furniture, summon-travel script from Ascadian Rose Cottage
* Silveris – rugs
* Calislahn – tea sets
* Xeon – comfortable couch
* Truthsnark – pillow
* Kiriel – basin
* Lochnarus – Victorian bed, fireplace, sofa
* Leeloo – tapestries
* Redwoodtreesprite – Dwemer teddy bear retexture
* Nomad – bath
* Dongle – bath and basin, treehouse
* Grumpy – warp script
* – Fargoth doll
* – Alchemy sorting resource
* TES forums
* Thanks also to the makers of TESFiles, NifTexture, TESAME and TESTool


End User Gentleman’s Agreement: Free Use (from a post at http://www.rethan-manor.net/ by ThreadWhisperer):
If this thread is linked in the release announcement or is copied and pasted in the Read-Me of a mod then the mod author(s) grants and releases the work attached as open source, free for any and all to do with as they wish limited only by the EULA of the original license owners, Bethesda Softworks, in that it may not be redistributed for monetary reward in any fashion. The Author(s) further grant any user the right to modify, alter, enhance, or otherwise use the works contained herein that are the Author’s sole property. Other material(s) used from other mod authors NOT directly involved in this work are in no way included in this statement and remain the sole property of the original author(s) only and should not in anyway be construed as part of this agreement.
Further it is also granted that this work may be re-uploaded or freely distributed to or from any Morrowind Modding database or other user distribution means, such as e-mail or temporary links, and may be uploaded by any user as long as it is uploaded as a whole and complete work in its original form and format, including any Read-Me attached to it. If the new upload is a modified or otherwise altered version then it should also contain an addendum to the Read-Me with the contact information of the user’s who altered or modified the file(s).

This agreement in no way supercedes the original Bethesda EULA but is only to serve in an ‘addition to’ capacity for the understanding and information of users and distributers of the work attached.

Bug Reporting/Known Issues
Note to TW – needs thorough testing – especially to check the rat doesn’t follow you unbidden! The summon script should work in both interior and exterior cells with no problems.
If I’ve accidentally left you off the credits list, please contact me immediately, with my apologies.



Go to Caius Cosades’ house in Balmora and collect the letter in his room. He won’t complain if you take it. The letter lists info regarding the locations of amulets, which will summon transportation to each of five mysterious homes. Simply equip the amulet to summon a rat. Speak to the rat, and he will offer to transport you to your new abode.

ASHLANDER: Aslander Abode

This is the easiest of all. Go to the Urshilaku Camp. In Kurapli’s yurt is a newcomer called Shari. She’ll sell you the amulet for 2000 gold.

MAGE: Tel Etherius

Tel Branora’s upper tower contains a small locked chest. An agile thief could get this, but you could use invisibility, chameleon and levitation if you are magically inclined, along with a locksplitter scroll.

THIEF: Thieves’ Hideout

Arguably the most difficult of all, you will have to go to Fort Frostmoth’s General Quarters (upper level) and find it there. It’s in a locked chest, closely watched by guards. But which one?

Okay, there are two level 80 chests. It’s one of them. Bring lockpicks!

WARRIOR: Warrior’s Rest

Simply go to the Old Mournhold Residential Sewers beneath Godsreach and fight the goblin. Take the amulet from his dead body.

DAEDRIC: Bal Dorma

Go to Bal Fell’s inner shrine and kill the daedric beastie. Take the amulet from the body.

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