Rivet City House


Updated for version 1.5 compatability

Berth: sleeps 3
Package: house mod
Location: Rivet City
Unique Features: Stylish, modern apartment in sought-after waterfront location in Rivet City. Excellent city center location. Two beds. Well-equipped kitchen and bathroom. Comfortable office-lounge with modern facilities for the height of convenience. Pet puppy (housetrained).
Activities: none
Type: Apartment
Cost: none
Size: 29.4kb


Fallout 3
Princess Rivet City House v1.2
By Princess Stomper

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Pocket Homes


Berth: Numerous
Location: Outer Realm
Unique Features: Five houses, one in each style of Ashlander, Mage, Thief, Warrior and Daedric. Companion-friendly travel
Activities: Five short quests
Type: Pocket Dimension
Cost: none
Size: 12MB 7zip

Princess Pocket Homes by Princess Stomper

The Elder Scrolls III
Princess Pocket Homes version 1.0
(Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal)

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Picnic Set


This plugin adds a number of ‘picnic’ items called Travel Teapot, etc., to the Vivec St. Delyn Potter’s Hall. They can be purchased from Felara Delms. Please note that the hampers are misc items and not containers – they are purely decorative, and though they are portable (except the display models) you cannot carry anything inside them.

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Megaton Home Extension


Berth: sleeps 3
Package: house mod
Location: Megaton
Unique Features: Luxurious extension to quest-reward home in the Capital’s most characterful city. Comfortable double-bedroom with en-suite well-scrubbed bathroom, and kitchen-dining room, in a convenient basement accessible through a discreet hatch.
Type: House Extension
Cost: none
Size: 10.0kb

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Less Generic Tribunal

“This makes the NPCs of the Tribunal expansion less generic and more interesting. New dialogue in Tribunal specific topics is added, and the existing dialogue is refiltered in many cases to stop annoying conversations. (For example, King Helseth talking about a plethora of minor criminals.)

Also, there is a chance the player may become House Indoril Hortator, and/or earn a title of Morrowind Nobility.

It is not an “official” LGNPC mod yet, but only because the LGNPC team has a backlog of mods. I am an LGNPC mod creator/writer.”

– Ostar

I contributed Barenziah’s dialogue.

Download from Planet Elder Scrolls

Big Blue House

Well-decorated 5-bedroomed house in the heart of Washington DC (corner of 7th St and Pennsylvania Ave), near Reilly’s Rangers

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Princess Lokken Post-Main Quest Improvements

Adds scripted items to the South East Tower and the Secret Passage so that once the main quest is over (you have received the ‘Lokken Mead’ journal entries) the South East Tower can be used as a spare bedroom or nursery, and the Secret Passage can be used as a romantic swimming pool.


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