Sexier Sheogorath

Ever felt that the MadGod of the Shivering Isles needed a makeover to go with that swoonsome voice? Well, now you can enjoy serving the Daedric Prince of Madness in three unique flavors: traditional, with subtle refinements; Daggerfall version, like in TES II; and Oh My Todd He’s Hot version, like Bethesda’s own Lurrve-Hobbit.

Whether you want my most unashamedly silly mod, or just a few tweaks to Sheo’s jawline, there’s something to suit you here.

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

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Split Expansion – BETA


I’m getting impatient to get back into modding and playing Fallout 3, so rather than trying to push myself through the modding equivalent of ‘writer’s block’, I’m just sticking this up as a beta for now so that you can have a run around, let me know what you think, perhaps suggest fixes for the noted issues and let me know about anything I’ve overlooked.

It adds the following:

– New tavern with rentable room (also function room and NPC guest room)
– Doubles of barmaid and NPCs, to reflect Mania/Dementia divide
– Two traders (Manic and Demented)
– Unique house for sale, reflecting both factions (it’s inside the display case in either of the shops)
– Two smiths (Manic and Demented)
– Chapel

Thanks, Vincent Crimson, for the beta-stage screenshots

I was thinking of adding a quest at some point but can’t for the life of me think of one right now. Suggestions, issues, complaints and hugs to the usual address.

Calvus and Rerlas

Adds modern ‘companion’ functions based on Grumpy et al’s scripts to Calvus Horatius (the companion in Tribunal), plus warping to the pets sold by Rerlas in the Great Bazaar in Mournhold. Calvus has more functions, more features and more personality.  The pets can be retrieved if lost and resurrected if killed.


The Elder Scrolls III
Calvus + Rerlas 1.1
(Requires: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon)
Note: necessarily incompatible with the optional ‘Calvus’ add-on included with my Royal Chargen mod

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Clothiers of Vvardenfell

Clothiers of Vvardenfell at

I contributed the “shell” of the Ebonheart store.

Description: This mod features a very large and eclectic clothing and armor collection by Korana,
BadKarma, and Lady Rae.  Perhaps the largest Better Bodies clothing collection,
it features:

30+ items by Lady Rae
80+ items by Bad Karma
380+ items by Korana

This mod also features a wild and crazy tavern, 7 stores, new NPCs,a mini quests for some
frisky fairies, and 4 new books with a mini quest.

**Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions**

Wizards’ Islands 2

I contributed 20 interiors to the cancelled sequel to Morrowind’s “unofficial expansion”, Wizards’ Islands. I also co-wrote WI’s walkthrough.

Prettier Saints and Seducers

Details: Makes Saints and Seducers prettier
Size: 128k WinZip
*********************** The Elder Scrolls IV ***********************
*************************** – OBLIVION – ***************************
************************ BETHESDA SOFWORKS *************************


Mod Name: Prettier Saints and Seducers
Version: 1.0
Author: princess stomper



Makes the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers prettier, whilst retaining the general racial characteristics and features.
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Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft

Important note: This mod is dependent upon Children of Morrowind and Playable Children by Emma (& Team)

Adds a school influenced by but not directly referencing Harry Potter’s Hogwarts to an island just north-east of Sadrith Mora. Adds numerous children and their teachers, along with unique dialogue, scripts, quests and objects. Fast travel is available to/from Sadrith Mora docks.


Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft by Princess Stomper

The Elder Scrolls III
Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft Version 2.1
(Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal, Children of Morrowind, Playable Children 2.0)

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