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This is actually one of my favourite mods of mine, albeit a very “quick-n-dirty” mod (hopefully not too dirty!) that gives an alternative backstory/faster chargen sequence, revamps the palace, and upgrades the packrats and hired companion in Tribunal. c/f my Royal Palace Revamped mod which is just the palace. I’ve never been entirely happy with the word ‘Princeps’, but it is the only appropriate gender-neutral term.

Berth: 9 in Princeps’ Quarters + servants/guards
Package: character generation scenario – play as a prince(ss)!
Location: Mournhold
Unique Features: Imposing quarters fit for a prince or princess, views over Brindisi Dorom and the Courtyard, extensive redesign of palace to make it more functional (kitchen, study, etc.)
Activities: Bolt-on enhancements to mercenary and pets
Type: palace
Cost: None
Size: 86kb WinZip



The Elder Scrolls III
Royal Chargen version 1.2
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal; add-on requires Bloodmoon too)


1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Save Games
4. What It Does
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues


1. Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the .esp file into the Morrowind\Data Files directory


2. Playing the Plugin

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Clean Royal Chargen.esp file. Optionally, use the Royal Chargen Calvus add-on.esp as well. This is
self-contained and may be used without Clean Royal Chargen.esp


3. Save Games

This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game.


4. What It Does

Alternative character generation scenario.

Instead of the boat at Seyda Neen, you are King Helseth’s illegitimate child, raised in secret as part of the royal household. Your mother died many years ago, and only a handful of people knew of your sheltered existence.
You have stolen something valuable to the king, and in fury he writes to the emporer, deciding whether to banish or execute you. To his surprise, Uriel Septim responds with instructions that you are to be sent to Balmora, to seek out Caius Cosades. With no reason to object, Helseth writes you a note and instructions and sends his servant, Effe-Tei, to
convey the news of the sentence – banishment – and to transport you to Vvardenfell.

This is where your adventure begins, at the moment of your departure.

Disowned by your father, he cruelly reminds you that nobody knows who you were anyway. Thus, ignominiously, you are thrust out into the world with no skills or experience to guide you. You are weak, broke, despised as a foreigner, and just another criminal with uncertain parents trying to get through the day. Only through completion of the Tribunal main quest can you regain the trust of the king, and with it your birthright as ‘princeps almalexia’, the Prince or Princess of Mournhold.

The Royal Palace is extensively redesigned and enlarged. As Prince or Princess, you gain access to the ‘Princeps’ Chambers’, a large suite with a (huge) bedroom for you, extra chambers to sleep 7 companions, lounge area, decorative fish pool and views of both Plaza Brindisi Dorom and the Courtyard.

Other additions to the palace include the Upper Hall (with display space and a practice area), Library, Drawing Room, Baths, Servants’ Quarters and Kitchen. A pet durzog has follow/stay/feed/pick-up commands but is not designed for continuous following or combat.

There are several new servants, each with companion share so that you can choose their uniforms, bartering (for food/drinks) and free food/drink on request. In your chambers, a further servant has a wider barter menu to buy your surplus items. The guard in your room also has companion share so that you can choose her uniform.

Unique dialogue is added to King Helseth, Queen Barenziah, Plitinius Mero, Vivec, Almalexia, and Delitian, although it’s quite subtle throughout the (Tribunal) main quest, so you might not actually notice it. At the end, however, Barenziah will greet you as her grandson/-daughter and Helseth will address you as Prince or Princess %PCName.

Royal Chargen is aimed at the player who has played Morrowind and, preferably, Tribunal at least once before. The new chargen
scripts do not contain any tutorials.

If you add this mod to an ongoing game, be sure to clean your mod with Wrye Mash. Adding this mod to an ongoing game skips the character generation sequence but allows the character to gain the reward for completing Tribunal.

If you have completed Tribunal without using this mod (i.e. an ongoing game that has finished the TR main quest), simply try to open the door of the Princeps’ Chambers (through the Imperial Cult area, near Barenziah’s rooms). You will receive an instant journal update and the key to the palace. For seasoned console cheaters, the journal entry the doorscript is looking for is “TR_SothaSil 110”.

When you first complete the chargen process, you will not be able to leave the room unless you take transport to Vvardenfell via Effe-Tei. The seals on the doors are removed as soon as you reach level 5.

** ADD-ON **

The additional, optional .esp file adds basic warping to Rerlas’ pets, follow/stay commands for scribs and a choice of three wolves for the player to purchase. The wolves are unique and irreplaceable, therefore a signet ring is offered with each to resurrect the animal if it dies. This is a simple script attached to the ring i.e. wolf->resurrect. I’m not sure how reliable it would be with continuous use, but I’ve tested it a few times and it works.

The mercenary Calvus in the courtyard now has Grumpy’s companion functions – auto-move to prevent path-blocking, warping, and will levitate, sneak, chameleon, water-walk and water-breathe when the player does. Dinkum-Thinkum’s potion-saver function is included. The companion will level up with the player and a new topic – ‘-where is Calvus?’ – will reset him to his original co-ordinates if you lose him.


5. Credits

Grumpy, for many of the decorative ideas used, and the companion scripts
Emma, DinkumThinkum, TheOtherFelix, et al for the rest of the companion functions
Tommy Khajiit, for the swap script used on the durzog.
Korana, for the idea of servants with companion share, and for the initial inspiration for ‘exterior’ views
Kateri for troubleshooting
Everyone who posted suggestions in the thread


6. Usage

The mod author(s) grants and releases the work attached as open source, free for any and all to do with as they wish limited only by the EULA of the original license owners, Bethesda Softworks, in that it may not be redistributed for monetary reward in any fashion. The Author(s) further grant any user the right to modify, alter, enhance, or otherwise use the works contained herein that are the Author’s sole property. Other material(s) used from other mod author’s NOT directly involved in this work are in no way included in this statement and remain the sole property of the original author(s) only and should not in anyway be construed as part of this agreement.

Further it is also granted that this work may be re-uploaded or freely distributed to or from any Morrowind Modding database or other user distribution means, such as e-mail or temporary links, and may be uploaded by any user as long as it is uploaded as a whole and complete work in its original form and format, including any Read-Me attached to it. If the new upload is a modified or otherwise altered version then it should also contain an addendum to the Read-Me with the contact information of the users who altered or modified the file(s).

This agreement in no way supercedes the original Bethesda EULA but is only to serve in an ‘addition to’ capacity for the understanding and information of users and distributers of the work attached.

(Translation: Anything I made, you may distribute or use as you like, but Bethesda’s word is law.)


7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

Fixed in version 1.2
– Minor redecoration to Princeps’ Chambers and Drawing Room
– Slight gap in doors in Princeps’ Chambers
– Doors unlocked in Census office in Seyda Neen
– Delitian greeting fixed
– Smoke added to kitchen
– Travel to Seyda Neen and Balmora added to Effe-Tei

Although the AlmDivRecall script is added to Calvus, it certainly won’t work on Rerlas’ pets, and it is still possible to lose your companion. The most companion-friendly method of fast-travel is to use Emma’s Vvardenfell Travel Agency mod, or one of the universal companion recall mods.

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

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