Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft

Important note: This mod is dependent upon Children of Morrowind and Playable Children by Emma (& Team)

Adds a school influenced by but not directly referencing Harry Potter’s Hogwarts to an island just north-east of Sadrith Mora. Adds numerous children and their teachers, along with unique dialogue, scripts, quests and objects. Fast travel is available to/from Sadrith Mora docks.


Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft by Princess Stomper

The Elder Scrolls III
Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft Version 2.1
(Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal, Children of Morrowind, Playable Children 2.0)


1. Description
2. Installation
3. Compatibility
4. Features
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues



Adds a school influenced by but not directly referencing Harry Potter’s Hogwarts to an island just north-east of Sadrith Mora. Adds numerous children and their teachers, along with unique dialogue, scripts, quests and objects. Fast travel is available to/from Sadrith Mora docks.


Extract the files into your Morrowind\Data Files directory, ensuring that all the icon, sound, mesh and texture files end up in their relevant folders.

It is strongly advised that you use a new savegame to avoid ‘doubling’ errors or other incompatibilities related to ‘dirty saves’ – which occur after adding, modifying or removing .esp files.

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Sadrith Mora Academy Playable Children.esp file. Please remove any other versions of Sadrith Mora Academy to avoid conflicts.


This mod is not dependent upon Your Morrowind Family by Emma, however it is VERY STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that this file is used for maximum benefit as there is unique dialogue and interactivity designed for users of the Your Morrowind Family Mod. ( You can also download Playable Children and Children of Morrowind from the same location.

Users of Your Morrowind Family should leave the nanny at home and speak to the children once they are inside the castle walls of the Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft. When you are asked by the children to allow them to enrol, this will launch a script to facilitate the new dialogue. If you then speak to the Headmaster to enrol the children, you can then choose a House – either guided by the advice of the Sorting Cup – or simply through your own instincts. When one of your Your Morrowind Family charges is within the common room of each House, they will ask you if this is where they’ll be staying. A ‘yes’ answer will alter their responses from then on, as they will thereafter identify themselves as either Bangtail, Horntooth, Leatherhide or Loftwing.

For fans of Harry Potter, you may very broadly draw equivalency from Bangtail to Hufflepuff; Horntooth to Ravenclaw; Leatherhide to Gryffindor and Loftwing to Slytherin.

Having Sorted your children, you can continue on your adventures, content to know that your young charges are receiving the very highest standards of education. When you next visit them, why not ask them to follow you whilst you tour around the building? They will comment on each of the classrooms, fill you in on the latest classroom gossip – and even occasionally present you with their homework, or even a glass of sweetpulp beer…

Playable Children

If you are a child yourself, speak to the headmaster. If you don’t have much money, he’ll offer you a scholarship – otherwise it’s 2000 gold for the term. As soon as you are enrolled (or whenever you like after that), talk to him again to pick up the quests ‘Rings of Knowledge’ and ‘Werewolf in the Library’.

Another recommendation for this mod is the Daggerfall Music Packs by Zenogias (available at Morrowind Summit).


  • Harry Potter-inspired school with four unique Houses
  • Fast travel via shipmaster NPC to/from Sadrith Mora docks
  • Unique dialogue, especially for Your Morrowind Family children
  • Eight themed classrooms
  • Stunning sports hall with archery tournament
  • Open-ceilinged banqueting hall with Sorting Cup
  • Friendly ghosts (including a professor who’s forgotten he’s dead!), fairies and harmless summoned creatures
  • New, unique tapestries, statues and retextures
  • House quarters with dormitories
  • Herb garden and out-of-bounds playground
  • Cute tuck shop selling sweets and treats
  • Rings of Knowledge – find 21 hidden rings in a fun treasure hunt quest
  • Main quest – save the school from a savage attack


  • Emma (& team) for Children of Morrowind and Playable Children (children, scripts, etc)
  • Sil’s Vases
  • Silveris Misc Pack
  • Ki Shin Ju mirrors
  • Dongle (water and glass dome)
  • Mighty Joe Young – Tamriel globe
  • Various – tapestries (constructed from screenshots by me; an unidentified screenie posted on the ES forums; and maps from the Imperial Library made by Lindsay Muller AKA Shifty Eyed Dog, Mike Wagner, Michael Kirkbride, Raptormeat, Fallen and Bethesda)
  • Elrihn and RedwoodTreeSprite – castle
  • Endrek’s Gladiator (and special thanks to IllTempered) – cheering noise
  • Lady Eternity & Proudfoot – fairies
  • Xeon – couches
  • Lingarn – sitting animation
  • Starcon5 – bookcase
  • Thanks also to the makers of TESFiles, NifTexture, TESAME and TESTool
  • Thanks to Mike who emailed me with a detailed bug list and thoughtfully included the missing texture!


End User Gentleman’s Agreement: Free Use (from a post at by ThreadWhisperer):
If this thread is linked in the release announcement or is copied and pasted in the Read-Me of a mod then the mod author(s) grants and releases the work attached as open source, free for any and all to do with as they wish limited only by the EULA of the original license owners, Bethesda Softworks, in that it may not be redistributed for monetary reward in any fashion. The Author(s) further grant any user the right to modify, alter, enhance, or otherwise use the works contained herein that are the Author’s sole property. Other material(s) used from other mod authors NOT directly involved in this work are in no way included in this statement and remain the sole property of the original author(s) only and should not in anyway be construed as part of this agreement.
Further it is also granted that this work may be re-uploaded or freely distributed to or from any Morrowind Modding database or other user distribution means, such as e-mail or temporary links, and may be uploaded by any user as long as it is uploaded as a whole and complete work in its original form and format, including any Read-Me attached to it. If the new upload is a modified or otherwise altered version then it should also contain an addendum to the Read-Me with the contact information of the user’s who altered or modified the file(s).

This agreement in no way supercedes the original Bethesda EULA but is only to serve in an ‘addition to’ capacity for the understanding and information of users and distributers of the work attached.

Bug Reporting/Known Issues
v1.1 fixes – Tunishi’s animation has been fixed; “tutor” class has been tweaked to make the teachers train the player in magical subjects. v1.2 lighting. v1.3 adds Rings of Knowledge quest and tuck shop. v1.4 makes further tweaks, fixes Globals and updates dependencies.
2.0 adds further quest, and improves banqueting hall, corridor and alteration classroom.
2.1 Updates the mod to use COM version 2, fixes the ownership issue on one banner, moves one of the rings to be easier to obtain, and puts shoes some some of the children (lost in update from COM v1) and reverts Elrihn’s Keep to original texture to repair missing texture glitch
The Sorting Cup may need clicking on a couple of times to Sort you, but the script DOES work, and has been tested numerous times.
The children in the sports hall might sit very still and suddenly jump up – this is the way the animation is set up, and at time of release, there isn’t any more satisfactory way of doing it that I’m aware of. Also, the children in the illusion classroom are SUPPOSED to be stock-still as they are practicing a paralyse spell.
The balancing child in the alteration classroom may behave strangely. He is supposed to be practising water walking. His script is supposed to get him to cast a water walking spell if you are close enough, and to reset his co-ordinates if he falls into the water. If he stutters on the spot (trying to reset the co-ordinates), try swimming through him – in the two instances in which that happened to me, he instantly cast the spell and began ‘balancing’ on water.
If I’ve accidentally left you off the credits list, please contact me immediately, with my apologies.


DOWNLOAD and screenshots from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

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