Sexier Sheogorath

Ever felt that the MadGod of the Shivering Isles needed a makeover to go with that swoonsome voice? Well, now you can enjoy serving the Daedric Prince of Madness in three unique flavors: traditional, with subtle refinements; Daggerfall version, like in TES II; and Oh My Todd He’s Hot version, like Bethesda’s own Lurrve-Hobbit.

Whether you want my most unashamedly silly mod, or just a few tweaks to Sheo’s jawline, there’s something to suit you here.

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls


Shegorath retains his distinctive white hair and beard, and at first glance resembles the Sheo you already know and love – but he has actually been given a subtle makeover, with a face lift, nose job, chin enhancement, lip reduction, hair dye, and eyebrow wax.


Daggerfall Version

A more radical reinvention based on the Daggerfall descriptions. His hair and beard are now red (back up your files before install as this overwrites the beard texture). His hair is longer and loose, and his features more angular and handsome, as well as being more youthful in appearance. His eyes are now in the bright gray ‘Ordered’ style.

Oh My Todd He’s Hot Version

The ‘TV’ or Todd Version brings everyone’s favorite Lurrve-Hobbit to his rightful place, taking charge of the madness and sending his put-upon sidekick to the back of beyond on a mischievous whim. It’s not an exact likeness (couldn’t get the hair or ears), and such a replica might not even be possible with the tools at our disposal, but we hope it raises a smile amidst the chaos.










It seemed only right to re-cast Pete as Haskill, but sadly I couldn’t remotely do him justice, since the tools just didn’t seem to allow for the shape of his face. Still, again, the idea is just to give the impression rather than an exact likeness.








3 Responses to “Sexier Sheogorath”

  1. Sslaxx Says:

    I have to wonder what Todd and Pete thought of this!

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