Silorn Manor

Silorn Manor is the manor of a living Ayleid Village, buried deep below Skingrad. The house itself is a six-bedroomed mansion with pool, servants’ quarters and many comforts and features. The village has services and fully-sheduled NPCs. There are 2 quests.

ORE competition winner

ORE competition winner

Note: You will need to ensure that your borders are switched off in order to use this mod (and many others). You can use a border removal mod like this or switch them off in the .ini file. Find bBorderRegionsEnabled in the .ini (in folder My Games) and change the value to 0.

  • Large Ayleid manor house with six individually-themed bedrooms, sleeping 12
  • Further servants’ quarters with recreation area and bathroom
  • Private lounge quarters with alchemy facilities, training area, library, breakfast room/display area, and study
  • Secret passage to evil necromancer’s lair and portals to the Shivering Isles gate and Skingrad with map-markers
  • Large dining hall and kitchen:
    – the food on the dining table respawns after 24 hours
    – ditto the top quality wine, and various food/drink items around the house
    – bake your own bread in the oven
  • Basement area with storage, food/drinks and interactive well
  • Large swimming pool with poolside bar
  • Alchemy garden with ‘welkynd dial’ with digital time display
  • Bathrooms with interactive baths
  • ‘Bins’ (respawning containers) in the bedrooms so that you can throw away any unwanted items. Trash is collected every three days
  • Well decorated throughout with low-mid value items that you can put in the containers provided and replace with your own, if you choose
  • Pets – a dog and a cat, for that feeling of ‘home’
  • A full complement of servants providing various services such as repair, trade and recharge
  • Visitors – two of the local residents will pop in to see you
  • Surrounding village with services and residents
  • Full ‘history of Silorn’ – books, notes, newspapers and journals
  • Scripted lighting for light days/dark nights
  • Two short fun quests

A courier hands you a note with a book and a strange gemstone. The note explains that the village manor is under attack and you are their only hope.

Read the journal to find out about the village, and then follow the marker to the mouth of the River Strid, just south of Skingrad.

There, under the waterfall, you will find a cave door leading into the tranquil, secluded village of Silorn. Here, the Ayleids live out untroubled lives, hiding from the world outside.

It is this reclusive existence that has led them to be so utterly unprepared for the attack on the manor, and so it is up to you to use lockpicks or spells to break in and attempt to rescue Lord Halion and his terrified household.

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Full walkthrough and credits information in readme.

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