Skaal Home

This is one of my earliest mods. The first version was pretty awful, but some constructive feedback from Quatloos got me through version 1.0, and then later on I went back and redid the mod. I’m reasonably happy with it, but I’ve never really connnected with ANY of the Solstheim homes, bar Korana’s Solstheim Castle.

Berth: 10
Location: Skaal Village, Solstheim
Unique Features: Unique ice pool, four themed bedrooms, nursery, study, kitchen, bathroom, dining hall, servants, guards
Activities: None
Type: mansion
Cost: None
Size: 8.8MB 7zip

The Elder Scrolls III
Skaal Home version 2.3
(Requires: Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon)


1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Save Games
4. What It Does
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues


1. Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the .esp file into the Morrowind/Data Files directory Ensure all textures, meshes and icons retain their correct paths.


2. Playing the Plugin

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Skaal Home.esp file.


3. Save Games

This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game.
**Necessities of Morrowind: The water sources in the house are NOM-compatible. Please ensure that NOM loads last to enjoy this feature. To do this, make NOM the active file in the Construction Set with the necessary .esm files checked, open the file, and save it without making any changes; or use Wrye Mash.
This only affects your game if you use Necessities of Morrowind.


4. What It Does
This house makes extensive use of modder’s resources and adds a lounge-study and nursery to the house. The kitchen, four bedrooms, main hall and bathroom are much improved, and the two servants now have unique dialogue along with a small selection of food and drink (courtesy of Necessities of Morrowind) freely given to guests of the Chieftain of Skaal – or a wider selection to be bartered for.

There is no quest and no purchase for this house, as it is designed for you to role-play its backstory. Although it has toys and furniture designed for the Children of Morrowind mod, no children are included, so it is up to you if you choose to fill it with Your Morrowind Family, or to simply sleep in one of the themed guest bedrooms and stay only a few nights. As with much of Morrowind, the choice is entirely yours.


*Scripted alchemy sorting and “cooler” (Nordic refrigerator) in the kitchen.

*A grand main hall with dining area, plus two servants and guards.

*A unique swimming pool constructed entirely from ice.

*A bathroom with interactive bath and scripted “flushable” toilet

*Four luxurious themed bedrooms, plus a cute nursery.

*Comfortable study-lounge with rare books (from Daggerfall collection).

*NOM (Necessities of Morrowind) compatibility.
5. Credits
NOM team for Necessities of Morrowind stuff
Despair – potions sorter
MJY – meshes
Leeloo – tapestry
Calislahn – kitchen set
Dongle – water/bathroom set, display cases
Korana – furniture
Lochnarus – furniture
Redwood Treesprite – bonsai trees (
Silaria – Sil’s vases
Xeon – couch


6. Usage

Please ask me before redistributing this mod, in case there is an update planned, and please keep it intact with its readme.
Any components of this mod which I made, you can use in your own mod. I cannot speak for other people, so please ask them before using anything they made (unless it is marked by them as a modder’s resource). You may translate this into any language.


7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

Reported conflict with Suran Underworld

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

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