Suran Extended

This was the first city expansion I worked on (originally released in late spring 2005), and the first mod I made that I would regard as “distinctive”. It was heavily inspired by a holiday to the Greek island of Kefalonia – to the extent that the view from the Almyra hotel is actually the view across the Ionian sea to Ithaca, rather than the actual view of Suran you’d expect to see.

City expansion with houses, hotel, quests and plenty to explore …

Everybody needs a holiday. Fortunately, Suran – the Jewel of the Ascadian – is ideal for the tired hero in search of a relaxing break.


The features of this exquisite holiday location include:

  • A luxury hotel with three bedrooms (balcony views and canopy beds!) and two enormous suites
  • A hotel restaurant
  • A taverna with outdoor seating
  • An Olde-Worlde tea shop
  • A souvenir shop
  • An unusual villa with a pool and an incredible view of Bal Ur
  • A number of private NPC residences
  • Two new books – a brochure and a recipe book

Patch 1.2 fixes: Slightly alters the landscape affected by Suran Extended to reduce clipping issues, replaces Hlaalu-style access staircases with wooden ones, one or two other minor fixes.

Suran Extended features a series of short, fun quests through Am-Ru and Manu Virith at Sadrith Mora. Activities include searching for a hidden house of glass, joining in the annual charity treasure hunt, betting on the guar, and choosing whether to help or hinder the alcohol-fuelled mischief of teenage party-goers.

There are major conflicts with Suran Expansion, New Suran, and Quatloos’ Cragonmoor. There is a minor landscape conflict with Two Moon Manor but you can still play the mods together. To minimize conflicts, try New Suran Extended by Nicholothian, which combines Suran Extended with New Suran.

This mod includes Am-Ru’s Retreat, so is necessarily incompatible with that mod.

Additional boat transport to/from Vivec has been included in this mod, as well as a boat-door to/from Am-Ru’s Retreat.


Real life inspiration (view from Fiscardo Bay hotel):


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