The Bedroll Shop


Owing to Imperial planning restrictions, those seeking to set up new trading establishments are having to build into L-space, otherwise known as The Void.

In this particular instance, the ‘impossible space’ is through the door just above Ra’Virr the trader’s shop in Balmora. You will find Indrel’s new store, where she will sell a selection of colorful, comfortable and portable bedrolls.

The selection includes :

  • 10 bedrolls retextured by Princess Stomper;
  • 40 bedrolls retextured by RedwoodTreeSprite
  • 10 futons retextured by RedwoodTreeSprite from the Asian futon packs 1 & 2.


For compatibility with NOM, download this patch (NB: the patch requires both expansions). (The patch download link still works at PES)

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