Thirsk Expanded

This just a small expansion, adding some very basic amenities to the village of Thirsk.


Very highly recommended:
Children of Morrowind:
(Use with Thirsk Expanded Family.esp)


Whatever Thirsk: A History says about the fact that the expanding population of Thirsk simply move away, I simply didn’t buy it – Thirsk is not big enough to sustain itself, certainly not for 500 years! Therefore, I just added half a dozen cottages to the outskirts, outside the walled area (if you have Felsaad Revamped by Lochnarus – or Fortified Thirsk) or just a little way away from the hall. The only dialogue addition is to update the Services and Thirsk reponses. There is now a trader and an apothecary – a hamlet such as Thirsk would need a healer of some description and a trading post if nothing else, the remaining houses belonging to the staff at the mead hall.


Extract the files into your Morrowind\Data Files directory and check either Thirsk Expanded.esp or Thirsk Expanded Family.esp – NOT BOTH! You can only use Thirsk Expanded Family if you have Children of Morrowind.

Felsaad Revamped/Fortified Thirsk:

No apparent conflicts. If you experience any tears in the landscape, just switch the load order to fix it.

Credits, Usage, and Thanks

Thirsk Expanded.esp is straight-out-of-the-box vanilla Morrowind, though thanks as usual go to the Elder Scrolls Forums.
Thirsk Expanded Family relies entirely on Children of Morrowind and the credits are as those of Children of Morrowind, with particular thanks to Emma.
Bearing in mind the terms of Bethesda Softworks’ EULA (that you may not charge money for mods or otherwise violate the terms of the agreement), you may use or distribute this mod however you wish, provided that credit is given where due.


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