Vos Plantation

By request, for Petiboy

Requires Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon


Credits: Princess Stomper, Dongle (water barrel), Despair (Potion sorter scripts and pots)

To use: Extract to Morrowind\Data Files, ensuring that all the textures and meshes end up in their correct places. Check the Data Files box next to Vos Plantation.esp.


The plantation is just over the hill to the north of the town of Vos. There is a nice beach nearby and an apparently friendly small camp; it is quite far to the south of the nearby Ashlander camp.

The house has a bedroom, dining room/kitchen, alchemy sorter, pool, roof terrace and garden. There are three slaves – I thought you wanted them (can’t remember why) but if you don’t want slaves you could always roleplay them as paid servants, or just remove them in the construction set. There is corkbulb and saltrice growing outside as requested. The marshmerrow is in a tub of water because it only grows in water, not out of the ground. The well out back is not NOM-compatible, but the special bucket on top is.

The house is actually a copy-paste of the Molag Mar house in Homes To Let. The difference is that I took out the second bedroom and put Despair’s alchemy resource in there instead. There are four high-capacity chests in there for storage, and I added a couple of tables and chairs to make the living room you wanted. I’ve also added a stove into the dining room to make it more of a kitchen.

Usage: You are free to use, modify and distribute this however you like, so long as the proper credit information is given.

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

May alternatively be downloaded as part of Vos Expansion


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