Balmora Baths and Halls

Adds Roman-style baths, a public hall and communal firepit to the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora. Requires Morrowind only.

ScreenShot 40

Adds new cells to the right-hand door of the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora.

1. Why are there two doors to one cell? It’s stupid! Use the other door for something else.
2. None of the houses in Balmora have kitchens or plumbing. How do they eat? Why are there sewers if there aren’t any facilities?

In Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, one of the footnotes explains that prior to the 20th century, common people often didn’t have kitchens in their houses and would instead take their food to a public place (normally a tavern) to use a communal stove. I figured that made sense for somewhere like Balmora, so the new hall has a large firepit in the centre, just like the village halls in Bloodmoon.

As to the bathing, I built a full set of Roman-style baths – a calderium (steam room), tepidarium and frigidarium (cool and cold-water baths). There’s additionally a changing room with a toilet.

Finally, in the main hall there’s a row of benches, a platform and a lectern for public announcements.

I put all this in the Hlaalu Council Manor because they are the ruling house in Balmora so it made sense that they would provide these facilities.

Oh yeah – the bath cells are based off the bathroom in Balmora Council Club, in case it looks a bit familiar.

The basins are NOM-compatible and the well has a bucket next to it with the NOM water script


Lady Luck – soap
Korana & mighty_joe_young – benches and vases, table
Lingarn – land mesh for pool base
Dongle – basin


Subject to the terms of Bethesda’s EULA. There is no restriction on the distribution of my mods so long as they are kept intact with all their files and the readme. If you do upload or redistribute the mod, you take responsibility for ensuring that you have the latest version, and of uploading any subsequent versions of the mod that are released. You may translate this mod into any language, but you will take responsibility for any errors introduced with the translation.

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