Buyable Hlaalo Manor

Requires Morrowind only. Adds 3 bedrooms (sleeping a total of 8 ) to Hlaalo Manor, converting the then-bedroom to a study, and adding a bathroom and kitchen area to the main hall, and decoration to the balcony. Adds a podium and lecturn for minstrels.


The bedrooms comprise one double room suited to a mage, one double room suited to a fighter, and one dorm room for children/servants with twin bunk beds – plus Uryne’s bedroom which is untouched. There is master’s equipment in the mage’s room – but since you can get higher-value equipment for free from Caldera, I did not consider it unbalancing. The items – including the key – from the erstwhile bedroom are now in the mage room, though the key is given to the player along with a deed on purchase of the house.

After solving the murder of Ralen Hlaalo and receiving your reward from Nileno at the Hlaalo Council Manor, speak again to Uryne the servant, who lives in the small bedroom on the 2nd floor. She’ll direct you back to Nileno who will now have the topic “buying Hlaalo Manor”.

For 10,000 gold you can purchase the manor and Ralen’s corpse, and Uryne, will vanish.
For 15,000 gold, Ralen’s corpse will vanish and Uryne will be replaced by an identical version of herself, alongside two extra servants who will all offer services and make the place feel a bit more lived-in.

The bathroom has a switch-button for entry/exit to the bath, and activating the Azura statue will bring a healing spell. (I figured enough people have Venus statues, why shouldn’t a house have an Azura statue?)

The landing now has a combat practice area and display shelving. There are low value items there which can be placed in the chests or sold to the servants.

The kitchen area includes an NOM-compatible water barrel. There is a high-capacity chest in the doorway.

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