Solstheim Zelda Estate

Princess Stomper’s version of Simbelmyne’s version of Beardo’s classic Morrowind house mod. Requires Bloodmoon & Tribunal. Location: Solstheim, near Raven Rock. Sleeps 9.

14.7MB 7zip


Takes Simbelmyne’s Zelda Estate Renovation and transports it to Solstheim, customizing it for a mage character, per the request from FabledWaltz.

New mod comprises:

  • Renamed cell ‘Solstheim, Zelda Estate’ at -24,16 (on coast, halfway between Fort Frostmoth and Raven Rock)
  • Tower in the Raven Rock style with minor landscaping and decoration
  • New ‘Upper Level’ at ground level – Raven Rock-style tower interior with a multilevel layout featuring bathroom (bath restores health) and two small study areas
  • ‘Lower Level’ mostly unchanged as Zelda Estate main level: display hall, bedroom, small study-lounge
  • Kitchen-dining room mostly unchanged. A barrel scripted for NOM has been added, and the food hutch is respawning
  • Alchemy lab enlarged
  • Study furnished with sofas for reading area; bookshelves added to form library
  • New ‘cellar’ for hot spring swimming pool. Note: collisionboxes stop the player trying to swim out of the ice-pool
  • ‘Hidden Rooms’ comprising 3 more bedrooms
  • Fast travel via ‘enchanted bottle’ doors to/from Fort Frostmoth docks
  • Total house sleeping capacity: 9 people inc hammock on Upper Level

For some reason, when I started working on the mod I noticed it had no path grids or custom lighting. I’ve put both in, and the lighting is green or purple tinged (depending on room) to look more “magical”.

Simbelmyne’s notes:

Several years ago, (10/5/02) Beardo released his classic house mod Zelda Estate, which added a very cozy cottage directly behind the Mages Guild in Caldera. Between its sheer convenience, only a few steps away from the Mages Guild and Folms Mirel (the Master Index npc) and it’s charm it was immediately (and still is) my favorite house mod.

Recently I returned to Morrowind after taking a long break away from the game. I was very impressed with the quality of the modders resources that had been released in my absence and before too long decided to give my favorite home a major renovation.

Beardo has been gracious enough to allow me to release it so I present it to you. The entire house has been given a major overhaul, all of the furniture/shelves have been replaced with rich swirlwood furniture, the bed has been upgraded to a luxurious canopy bed. Numerous upgrades in rugs and tapestries have been made. Version 2.0 also Adds a Kitchen, and a Study.

A host of knick knacks have been added. I’ve left some areas nearly furnished while leaving some open to allow for personalization. Every item has been left “pick up-able” where possible (with a few exceptions) to further allow anyone to make the house their home.

Plenty of storage space is available, and while weapon racks or armor mannequins have not been included (I thought this would be best as everyone has their own taste in these anyway) logical areas have been left open so they can be placed to your liking. (For example, the walls to the left in the new Study.)

(I personally recomend Grumblepunk’s House of Mannequins (link below)

and Cydine, Maboroshi Daikon and Erstam’s Weapon Rotate (link below)

and Book Rotate (link below)

A fully functioning Alchemy lab, with sorter capabilities for Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon) has been hand placed in the downstairs area.(Version 2.0 has moved the Lab to its own Interior Cell to prevent high item count performance issues)

One fireplace was replaced, three were added downstairs. Additionally, several swirlwood display cases were added downstairs.

A friendly cat, Beruthiel can be found lounging about in the bedroom.

Several beautifully modeled weapons have found a home downstairs. All are in usable form, two are simply for decoration (the two rather strong Long Blades) and are marked in Script as NoPickUp by default (these weapons could of course be moved/altered in the CS further to your liking)

I hope you will find the home a pleasant stopping point in your travels, and perhaps even come to enjoy it as much as I always have.


See readme for further notes, installation and credit information.

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

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