Oasis Home


Berth: 2
Location: Oasis, Wasteland
Unique Features: “Exterior” home, mostly natural wood furniture
Activities: None
Type: Tree-house
Cost: None
Size: 307 KB WinZip

This was just a quick little mod to add a living area to Oasis. It’s nothing spectacular but should be a nice, tranquil and convenient place to hang out. It’s called ‘Solace’ and is in cell ‘OasisTrees’.

I’ll probably go back to it at some point in the future, if I have any bright ideas on how to make it look nicer, but in the meantime if you’re looking for just somewhere to stay when you’re up there, you’re welcome to use this.


Drag0ntamer – Ivy


Subject to the terms of Bethesda’s EULA. There is no restriction on the distribution of my mods so long as they are kept intact with all their files and the readme. If you do upload or redistribute the mod, you take responsibility for ensuring that you have the latest version, and of uploading any subsequent versions of the mod that are released.


Known Issues

Because of the way alpha channels are used, when you look at the ivy from certain angles, part of it might become invisible. That’s an issue that dates back to Morrowind.


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