Top of the World – Deluxe Edition

Berth: 4 (1 dbl, 1 twin)
Location: Washington Monument, The Mall
Unique Features: Interior-as-exterior rooms, city view in hallway
Activities: None
Type: Apartment
Cost: None
Size: 11.8 KB WinZip


Turns the top of the Washington Monument into a player home.

The top of the Washington Monument was already set up to be a home, with a mattress, table and chair – but following from my original more “believable” version, this one is a comfortable space to live.

It’s a pure flight of fantasy – so no explanations here. It’s free to take.

All the new rooms have “views” out of the windows – the bathroom and two bedrooms just look out to sky, whereas the living room (kitchen/dining/sitting room) has a representation of a “view” of the city.

The house has My First Infirmary, My First Laboratory, Workbench and jukebox.

Note: The “real view” in the living room had to be removed because the game was producing an error message, so that’s why there’s just a scaled down cluster of buildings instead of the actual window view. Similarly, the game doesn’t like producing Urban weather in an interior-as-exterior cell so the Wasteland weather region is used instead.

Inspiration: Vince Bly

DOWNLOAD from Fallout 3 Nexus

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

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