In Progress: Take Me To Your Leader

Now that we’ve built two complete cells and got our town planned out, it’s time to tackle one of the existing cells: that of town leader Uncle Roe. The place he lives in isn’t very nice.

First of all, the beds and litter are removed from the kitchen area, and kitchen items put in. Litter is moved out of the way – but not deleted.

I then added in misc items and general clutter as well as the large “white goods” to form a kitchen-dining area.

Next up I made the bedroom area – you can see the debris that has been moved to outside the visible area of the cell

I then added a downstairs bedroom for Joe Porter (no more sleeping in the diner! Though I am concerned that his AI package might be messed up: it will require careful testing).


I did make a downstairs dining room before linking to the outside … and noticing that the shape is unmistakeably that of a Town Hall. I’ll have to seal off the living areas by way of doors and extend out the dining room into a substantial town hall area. Back to the drawing board …


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