In Progress: Dominic and Machete’s House

When I first saw Dominic and Machete’s House in Canterbury Commons, I was quite horrified by what I found. It was a total mess of rubble, litter, broken furniture and dirt. In order to be able to transform this into a believable living and working space, I had a lot of work to do: there was a burnt-out car in the living room, for heaven’s sake!


Again, as in Roe’s house, I moved the rubble out rather than deleting the references (with the potential to cause crashes and conflicts).

It was then a relatively straightforward process. I determined early on to actually retain the car as a centrepiece – but to remove all the dirt and ash from around it and have it as more of a giant ornament in the old garage. I was repurposing the main area as a gun and repair shop, which would be tended by a robot. I’m getting around my fear of dialogue by writing in that the townsfolk had obtained some old faulty robots from the Mechanist – the voice chips are broken, but they are still basically functional. Transactions can then take place by “pushing buttons” – activating the robot as if to speak – and choosing from the barter menu as normal.


Shelves on the sides of the garage would hold small supplies of ammo and armor that could be bartered in the usual way with the robot.


Once I’d made that look like a functional garage-repairs place, I tended to the bathroom.


The logical thing seemed to me to move out the broken sinks and a couple of the mirrors, and to haphazardly place a stained old bathtub – as though it had been dragged in by the occupants making a haphazard attempt at making a living-space.

There was, however, something very strange going on with the navmesh. I can only assume that whoever did it (I think everyone should blame Jesse since he’s safely out of earshot. Just kidding, Jesse!) forgot to hide the ‘fx’ statics so the marker-points didn’t fall to the floor correctly. There were quite a few triangles hanging at odd angles mid-air!


Once the bathroom was in place, I turned my attention to the bedroom.  It is co-functional as a study. I dragged out the extra beds and then re-assigned the ownership from Moira Brown to Machete on one of them – the other to belong to Dominic. I then laid them to the side of the room, and added footlockers in which they can store their own belongings, since it seems very much to be a “barracks” more than a “bedroom”, so more homely furniture like wardrobes didn’t seem to be appropriate.


Finally, I put in the living area, which had hitherto been two large benches in the centre and not a huge heap else other than the refrigerator and drinking fountain at the side. First off I took both benches out, and then set one of the benches to be owned by Moira Brown – which I had figured to be an arbitrary way of ensuring that random people don’t try to sit down on it! Then I tried to make the room look lived in – I put a television (an intact one – if Tenpenny Tower can have them, I see no reason not to have other non-broken ones about), and a desk fan in there, and the usual clutter such as ashtray, mug, a couple of books and a coffee pot. So, effectively, the bench is repurposed as a large coffee table. I put a couch at the side of the room, where people would be sitting back and relaxing.

The other side of the room is the kitchen area, but I didn’t think it was right to put an oven in the room since Dominic and Machete always eat out, and they just don’t strike me as the types who’d know how to cook. I did, however, install a barbecue grill (of the type found on campsites) and a toaster – like any self-respecting student, they’d know how to keep themselves from outright starvation, and need a hot surface on which to heat water for coffee.

Now I definitely think it looks a bit more like “home”.



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