Pink Vault: Hole in the Wall

All-interior subtly pink-themed vault-style home with interactive features, a nifty armor/weapon set and plenty of storage – accessible to/from 6 major locations. Sleeps 5


Fallout 3
Pink Vault: Hole In The Wall
By Princess Stomper

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New version of Big Blue House up – 1.3

A new version of Big Blue House – a five-bedroomed house for Fallout 3 – has been uploaded.

Version 1.3 flags ‘persistent’ the dozen or so objects added to the exterior of the house, in order to avoid crash problems introduced to the game with patch 1.5. Version 1.2 is still available at Nexus in addition to the new version.

Version 1.2 adds a workaround to assist ‘vanilla’ companions (ones not added by mods) such as Clover and Jericho to avoid the Fallout 3 bug that prevents them entering into modded interiors.

Version 1.1 fixes the Nuka Cola vending machine scripts and moves the key to the rear of the property – riskier for the player, but means you no longer have to TCL to reach it.

Knights Add-Ons

Two add-on .esp files for the Knights of the Nine expansion to Oblivion

Knights Essential: overrides the switching off of the essential flag on the knights, making them unkillable*
Knights Companion Quarters: adds a cottage, sleeping two, to the grounds outside the Priory. Also adds kitchen area to main priory building.


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Homes To Let FO3

This plugin adds 8 new inhabitable homes in Fallout 3’s major locations, 6 of which may be rented by the player.


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