Last Resort: Remaking Point Lookout

Canterbury Commons is of course not forgotten – I’ve merely shelved it for a short while as I think around a literal brick wall I’ve run into with one of my ideas for the mod. In the meantime, I’m distracted by wherever this week’s bout of inspiration is coming from, which at the moment is Point Lookout.

Point Lookout, MD

As always, I start with a real place. Suran (for my Suran Extended mod for Morrowind) is Kefalonia – a small island off the coast of Greece. Dayn Isra in Mournhold Expanded is actually the English coastal resort of Brighton – but the rest of the mod is what would happen if Disney opened a park in Turkey.

Point Lookout, it turns out, is a very real state park in Maryland. It doesn’t look much different than how it looks in the DLC, though of course it’s better maintained and rather less hued in brownish green.

The temptation, on looking at the disused fairground, is to turn it into yet another version of my native Brighton, and reopen all the rides and create a desirable resort. This would be wrong – because unlike Mournhold’s exuberant City of Light, people don’t go to Point Lookout because they’re drawn to the shiny. People go there because they haven’t got much else better to do.

In this case, Point Lookout is more like Hunstanton.

I went to Hunstanton – a small seaside town on the Norfolk Coast – in late autumn one year. The fairground was closed, and all we could do was wander across the beach, staring forlornly at the grey and grubby water before taking our shivering selves to the nearest bar. There was a theatre with not much on, a fish-and-chip shop, a rickety museum and that was about it. We went home after a couple of hours.

To me, Point Lookout looks exactly like that, with the same sad grey atmosphere and water you wouldn’t even think about swimming in. So I’m going to build a camping supplies shop (since it’s a camping resort), a grubby diner, a rather shabby general store, a bar, and even add in a few limp fairground attractions of the indoor type that would stay open in winter (a rifle range seems doable, given the game’s training mission). Slot machines of the click-and-dice-roll type are pretty easy to do.

The rather shabby two-bedroom motel suite is almost complete – it’s next to Yevic’s suite and I’d recommend you grab his if you download mine (they’re similar – mine’s just got the extra room). I’ll throw in a few more guests to the motel, along with a couple more suites for them, and lock up the quest-related suites so the dead bodies don’t scare the other guests.

It’ll be comfy enough for you to want to spend a while there, and functional enough for you to hang around – but just not TOO nice.

Hunstanton, England


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