A Place To Stay On Mothership Zeta

Adds a new small teleporter to the bridge, leading to a small cell with two rooms aboard Mothership Zeta.

Living room
– Teleporter to bridge
– “Laboratory Control” – alien control with My First Lab script
– “Infirmary Control” – alien control with My First Infirmary script
– Containers for storage and food
– Table and chairs in alien style
– Spectacular views

– Two statis chambers – A scaled-down Vault-style bed has been inlaid into each. Your companion might look funny sleeping in one, but it was the only reliable way to add the bed-script to the alien furniture
– Toilet – Ummm … you don’t even want to think about how that works
– Workbench in the alien style
– Sink – the only non-alien-style furniture, but it’s metal and hopefully doesn’t look too out of place

DOWNLOAD from Fallout 3 Nexus

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

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2 Responses to “A Place To Stay On Mothership Zeta”

  1. Alex Says:

    I uh… JUST found out about Oblivion Real Estate, and, well, you, through random clicking on Bethesda’s official blog, while looking for some Fallout 3 mods, it was your interview, I must say, wow!

    I started Oblivion from the xbox, so there was no mods, now I have Morrowind and all the expansion, for PC, in the hopes of installing many many interesting mods, but I can’t seem to stop playing Fallout, and sadly, I probably won’t get to play much now that college will start again soon 😦

    Anyways, I’d just like to say thanks to modders like you for all your effort!! I felt like I should post a thanks for all the players who probably got too caught up PLAYING the mod than posting a thanks, Happy New Year!

  2. Joseph Says:

    It looks realy good! i wish i had falout… 😦

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