Infernal City: A thwarted response

This post contains spoilers to the novel ‘The Infernal City’ by Greg Keyes

After reading The Infernal City by Greg Keyes, I was gripped by a sudden mad urge to answer his destruction of Morrowind with a mod. I was too angry about the loss of my beloved “homeland” to let it slide. Something had to be done!

My first thought was to mod in some sort of structure under the moon suspended above Vivec City to make it not fall down! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Keyes!

After a couple of days of playing with the construction set, I had to concede defeat – if that moon had been flying towards Nirn at full velocity and had merely been suspended – not stopped! – all that time, and was merely concluding its course (as was written), there is no structure strong enough that could possibly impede its progress. Keyes had most definitely won.

It really wouldn’t matter if I put a massive metal structure underneath the moon to hold it in place, it simply could not have been stopped. Its inevitable impact would look a lot like this:

Such a terrible shame! I loved Vvardenfell …


13 Responses to “Infernal City: A thwarted response”

  1. Xargoth Says:

    Greg Keyes should not have destroyed Vvardenfell. The Dirty jewel of the Empire…. gone. But, hey, he left some Dunmer alive!

    • princessstomper Says:

      It was pretty hard for me to read it – but I think that was the intention. Maybe it had to be gone for the next TES game – after all, we don’t know anything about that; maybe he was told it will be gone by TES V.

  2. Xargoth Says:

    Well, I’m still bummed, Morrowind, the only TES Game my pc can handle, destroyed…..

  3. Anonytroll Says:

    I haven’t read the book (I don’t know if it’s been released in Germany yet), but that doesn’t stop me from making armchair suggestions.

    I think the more logical thing would have been to use a series of massive levitation spells (or enchantments) and just move Baar Dau in the general direction of Akavir or Atmora; so at worst you’d get a seaquake and tsunami instead of total obliteration, at best Akavir/Atmora get them.

    But that would have involved telling people that there’s a problem, which might not have been desirable (although the rulers might have coated it in “correcting the mistakes of the past and removing the prison” or something).

  4. ezele Says:

    Hopefully TESV or future titles are not reflective of this….Morrowind was the best damn thing they made and now it’s squished by Mr. Keyes. It was a good read at least.

    Not even really interested in other parts of Tamriel. It’s beyond me why the best setting was made ten years ago still hasn’t had a real successor, a decent imitation, or the influence it should have in modern gaming. (TES4 was utter disappointment when it came to setting, though, everything is in comparison to Morrowind).

    Unfortunately, in ten years I STILL see myself loading up 37 utilities and 400 mods just to play the same game that modders, like yourself, keep alive and breathing.

    • princessstomper Says:

      Just because of what happened in the novel, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end for Morrowind. A future installment could be set before, or a while after, that catastrophe. After all, Kefalonia was hit by a devastating earthquake in the 50s and is a beautiful tourist resort now.

      There are plenty of other parts of Tamriel I’d like to see that they haven’t covered yet, so I’m quite happy to see what they do in future games. Oblivion did a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong, and since Shivering Isles and Fallout 3 paid so much attention to things like setting and culture, I have no worries about a future TES game.

      • ezele Says:

        You are quite right. I’m just skeptical because games like Dragon Age / Guild Wars 2 and others tend to become as candid as possible towards the lore/story presented by the authors (Which is awesome, minus this case). Another possibility is that they will focus on another territory again, and that definitely goes along with Morrowind getting tanked.

        Shivering Isles…can’t believe I forgot. That was a return to the style we all love. Might have to load up Oblivion again one of these days and skip to that expansion and try out some new mods…

        I still haven’t tried the Fallout series yet either (think I was playing WoW at the time ;/ ). I never got the setting and culture vibe from Fallout, but I guess i’ll have to see for myself and when I get around to playing it.

        Bethesda has my money no matter what. I’ll be happy with a new territory and such, but wouldn’t it be nice to return to Morrowind with their next engine? I know they would need to focus on the new stuff, but why not import Morrowind like Morroblivion attempted? It would be grand to play all of them in a massive game.

        If the next title is an MMO I don’t see why they would not do this.


  5. Xargoth Says:

    Hey, Why not use slowfall? Like where you could get a quest to find twenty highly successful spell casters and enchanters to escort to vivec. and at a signal, they all would cast as many slow fall spells on it as they could. and then using telekenisis, they could push it far from vvardenfell and into the sea.

    • ezele Says:

      Curious as to what really happened to Vivec. If he could stop and then hold it in place for years it’s at least conceivable that it could have been stopped by other means. Unless he spent most of his time in the temple doing nothing but meditation/concentration focused on keeping it there.

  6. TF Says:

    Wait, did the moon destroy Morrowind, or just Vvardenfall?

  7. Xargoth Says:

    Yeah, only vvardenfel, the Mainland was not destroyed, I think…

  8. Ajifoster3 Says:

    I think Vvardenfell wasn’t compleatly lost it was just covered in compleatly unfertile ash and pretty much a unsavable Ashland without trees or hills. Morrowinds mainland was also covered in a fine layer of Ash I expect giving the argonians the chance to invade.

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