Vos Expansion

This is a minor expansion to the town of Vos in Morrrowind consisting of one new exterior leading to pub, general store, smith, clothier, and apothecary. An extension has been built to an existing house to add a buyable player home. Includes optional ‘Vos Plantation’ mod.


The Elder Scrolls III
Vos Expansion 1.0
(Requires: Morrowind only)

Optional add-on of Vos Plantation (requires Tribunal + Bloodmoon)


1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Save Games
4. What It Does
5. Credits
6. Usage
7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues
8. Spoilers


1. Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, unzip the .esp file into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.

If you would like to use the included Vos Plantation mod (requires Tribunal + Bloodmoon), copy-paste or cut-and-paste the contents of the folder marked ‘Vos Plantation – OPTIONAL’ into your Morrowind/Data Files directory, ensuring that all file-paths are retained for textures, meshes and icons.


2. Playing the Plugin

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to Vos Expansion.esp

If you are also using Vos Plantation, select Data Files and check the box next to Vos Plantation.esp so that you have both mods active.


3. Save Games

This plugin will not invalidate your old saved games. If you save your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you will be able to continue on with the original game. Wrye Mash is recommended for maintaining the health of ongoing savegames.


4. What It Does

A request mod for Cosmar.

Because Vos is geographically so small, I have added one new exterior:

Guril’s Place

– a copy/paste/modify of Vivec’s Flowers of Gold. Tavern, but no rentable room
– door to Guril’s Goods (general store)
– door to Mendalas: Apothecary
– door to Ri’Vassa and Herd: Outfitters (Smith and Clothier)
– barmaid
– NPCs

and one new door which tacks onto an existing exterior, to create an annexe called

River’s Edge Cottage

– a small buyable house with mini-quest
– one bunk bed
– NOM-compatible water barrel

Optionally includes Vos Plantation – a more luxurious mansion just oustide the town.


5. Credits

Cosmar for the request:

“I was just looking for a little cultural lift to the town…nothing huge or fancy or TC-ish. Maybe just expand the town walls to include a couple little shops, like a general store, a pub, a modest apothecary (selling herbs and low-level potions), a little buyable hut within the town walls, and maybe diversify a couple of the residents (change one of the farmers to an independent wizard, or add a couple rangers).”

To avoid clashes with other mods, I have not expanded the walls or changed any existing NPCs or cells other than the addition of the new building and doorway. This mod was created in one afternoon and is based off a number of existing cells, so don’t expect Mournhold Expanded!


6. Usage

Subject to the terms of Bethesda’s EULA. There is no restriction on the distribution of my mods so long as they are kept intact with all their files and the readme. If you do upload or redistribute the mod, you take responsibility for ensuring that you have the latest version, and of uploading any subsequent versions of the mod that are released. If you wish to expand or modify this mod, please credit me and anyone whose work I’ve used in your readme. You may translate this mod into any language, but you will take responsibility for any errors introduced with the translation.


7. Bug Reporting/Known Issues

(See readme for contact)

If you are using NOM, you will find a well outside the front door of the buyable house. This will not stop you entering or leaving the house.


8. Spoilers

(see readme)

Vos Plantation

Manor housePoolAlchemy loungeKitchen-dining room

DOWNLOAD from Planet Elder Scrolls

DOWNLOAD from ElricM

Vos Plantation may alternatively be downloaded as a separate mod here.


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