Split Expansion


This small town expansion for the Shivering Isles town of Split adds:

– New tavern with rentable room (‘honesty box’ rental system)
– Function room
– Doubles of barmaid and NPCs, to reflect Mania/Dementia divide
– Two traders (Manic and Demented)
– Unique house for sale, reflecting both factions (it’s inside the display case in either of the shops – don’t worry, you won’t get locked out)
– Two smiths (Manic and Demented)
– Chapel

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A Place To Stay

A modular series of player homes for use with each expansion for Fallout 3.
Requires (respectively) The Pitt, Mothership Zeta, Operation Anchorage and Point Lookout. Note: the Broken Steel home does not require the expansion since it uses the existing Citadel location.

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Work in Progress: The ScrapCave

A work in progress for Fallout 3.

I had a great idea watching The Dark Knight.

See, I’ve had a very unsatisfying time modding lately. Nothing seems to inspire me, though I can clearly see all my finished WIPs in my mind’s eye. I finished a house I’d been making in Anchorage (another one!) and decided immediately that I didn’t like it and deleted it right away. (Yes, I backed it up in case I suddenly change my mind later.) Working on anything else feels like a chore right now.

So I decided to build myself a castle. Out of scrap.

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