Work in Progress: The ScrapCave

A work in progress for Fallout 3.

I had a great idea watching The Dark Knight.

See, I’ve had a very unsatisfying time modding lately. Nothing seems to inspire me, though I can clearly see all my finished WIPs in my mind’s eye. I finished a house I’d been making in Anchorage (another one!) and decided immediately that I didn’t like it and deleted it right away. (Yes, I backed it up in case I suddenly change my mind later.) Working on anything else feels like a chore right now.

So I decided to build myself a castle. Out of scrap.

Questions I asked myself:

What if James had a lot of money?
Money that he’d put aside for research but never been able to put into practice?
What if you had a castle of scrap out in the Wasteland, under which there was a fortified bunker full of gadgets and stuff?
You build your own custom weaponry in the game – wouldn’t that feel better if it was part of your own custom arsenal and you were a vigilante hero of the Wastes?

Without wanting to spoil the plot too much for those who haven’t completed the game, I wanted to tie this in a little bit with what you find out about your family near the beginning of the game, but not in a way that seems cumbersome.

The “castle” itself is more of a stately home or manor-house. It’s barely fortified – just a high metal wall surrounds it with some breaks in it, so it would be useless as a fortress. There is a dense mixture of vegetation surrounding it, varying from the usual half-dead undergrowth to rather unusual green trees.

The main body of the house is divided into four “towers” leading off from the main reception hall. I have decided to allocate the rooms in each tower as follows:

North Wing

  • Four bedrooms, each with an antechamber
  • Four bathrooms

South Wing

  • Drawing room
  • Library
  • Music room
  • Upper hall

West Wing

  • Chapel
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Reception room

East Wing

  • Dormitory
  • Entry to bunker


The bunker itself would house

  • Workbench
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory
  • Armory

Here are some early-stage WIP screenshots


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