German version of The Holiday Mod

German modder Clover and friends have uploaded a German translation of The Holiday Mod for Morrowind.

Download it here


3 Responses to “German version of The Holiday Mod”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    New to Morrowind, not Oblivion or Fallout 3 but hell if my system can run those two–but I’m extremely impressed with the mod community, here and elsewhere. The people who get paid only in satisfaction are the real people behind games, not the developers. Half the mods out there are better than what BethSoft could come up with.

    Brilliant work from brilliant people.

  2. princessstomper Says:

    Heh … I’m glad you enjoy the mod, but BethSoft come up with some pretty fine stuff. It’s what inspires us. Plus, of course, a lot of those are ex-modders, too.

  3. Xargoth Says:

    heh, I didn’t know modders advanced to workers. Makes perfect since though.

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