We’re back!

For at least 2 months, I’ve been having serious problems with games, to the point where almost all of them have been unplayable. I could run Vampire TMB if I could get it to start up – which was by no means every time. Fallout 3, Morrowind, Oblivion and Mass Effect/2 all instantly crashed to desktop any time I tried to get them to load, so I’ve been having a pretty miserable time lately, with Bejeweled Blitz and Torchlight being my only reliably playable games.

Special thanks, therefore, have to go to Kateri, who managed to diagnose a driver issue based on my description. I’ve just had a quick 45-minute burst of Fallout 3 (OMG that feels good!) and loaded up Vampire TMB and Mass Effect 2 without errors – hooray! – so it looks like at long last we’re back in business.

I’ve had one rather snarky complaint about The Holiday Mod, and a friendly enquiry about Homes To Let 2.0 for Morrowind, so I guess those will be my first ports of call – even though I’m absolutely itching to get on with continuing my active Fallout 3 mods (Rivet City Expansion, The ScrapCave, Underworld Underground 2.0 and my Canterbury Commons expansion).

All in good time, eh?

I updated my drivers to resolve the issue