We’re back!

For at least 2 months, I’ve been having serious problems with games, to the point where almost all of them have been unplayable. I could run Vampire TMB if I could get it to start up – which was by no means every time. Fallout 3, Morrowind, Oblivion and Mass Effect/2 all instantly crashed to desktop any time I tried to get them to load, so I’ve been having a pretty miserable time lately, with Bejeweled Blitz and Torchlight being my only reliably playable games.

Special thanks, therefore, have to go to Kateri, who managed to diagnose a driver issue based on my description. I’ve just had a quick 45-minute burst of Fallout 3 (OMG that feels good!) and loaded up Vampire TMB and Mass Effect 2 without errors – hooray! – so it looks like at long last we’re back in business.

I’ve had one rather snarky complaint about The Holiday Mod, and a friendly enquiry about Homes To Let 2.0 for Morrowind, so I guess those will be my first ports of call – even though I’m absolutely itching to get on with continuing my active Fallout 3 mods (Rivet City Expansion, The ScrapCave, Underworld Underground 2.0 and my Canterbury Commons expansion).

All in good time, eh?

I updated my drivers to resolve the issue


5 Responses to “We’re back!”

  1. brianguy7 Says:

    I was just in a thread on TES Nexus where people were hoping you’d do a Holiday mod for Oblivion! A lot of us cross over into MMORPG’s (with their sometimes great holiday decor and spirit) but hope for a nice, seasonal Oblivion. Maybe even just items we could show inside player homes, at least? 🙂

    • princessstomper Says:

      I think Korana did such a mod – there are definitely seasonal decoration mods for Oblivion, which is why I didn’t make one. Check out OblivionsRealEstate.com – there should be some info there.

      • brianguy7 Says:

        I found Korana’s resources, but I only see gift boxes and wreathes… has anyone worked these into a mod? I am not a gifted mod designer myself. 😦

    • princessstomper Says:


      ORE CHRISTMAS MOD by The ORE Community *Exclusive to ORE*

      Location- NE of Burma beyond the borders of Cyrodil.

      Rooms- Dining/kitchen, living room/Chris Kringle’s bedroom, caretaker’s bedroom and bath, and a small room with a bed for the player.

      Storage- All containers are safe except for the “Replenishing Cupboards”, 4 with food and 1 with drinks. Storage inside and out includes: 11 gift boxes, 3 large Santa sacks, 2 crates, 2 barrells, 3 chests, 5 dressers, 3 small cupboards, 6 large cupboards, and 4 jewelry boxes.

      Special Features- 8 ridable reindeer, brown and white, named after Santa’s reindeer. Two full christmas trees with lights, sleigh with presents.

      Requires border removal.

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