New version of Crate Manor for Oblivion

Bizarrely, the previous version had a “known issue” during testing, which was that the exterior door was missing, but if you took the Shivering Isles ‘back’ door and then exited to the Imperial City, the door would be back in its place. I put this down to the regular savegame corruption that causes a lot of doors to go walkies, just as they did in Morrowind.

Therefore I didn’t take too much notice when someone emailed me about it.

However, once I’d finally sorted out my recurrent nightmare of driver problems that has caused me to cut back on my modding lately, I checked out Crate Manor. Somehow, both doors had gone missing. I must have broken it in version 1.1 but the very savegame issues to which I’d attributed the weirdness must have retained at least one working entrance, hence the problem going undiscovered.

Anyway, just restoring the doors from their inexplicable positions in limbo (what were they doing there? Who put them there?) wasn’t good enough. It had long bugged me that I had these pretty self-contained homes in the style of of the major cities, and no easy way to jump back and forth between them. So, more crates with more trap doors, and now the Crate Manor doubles up as a handy rapid transport system.

Of course it’s a cheat – and weirdness will undoubtedly ensue if you use the door to/from the Shivering Isles without going through the proper quest. You have been warned!

If everyone else can install it and you can’t, the problem is probably with you.

It’s pretty rare I’ll want to type something like this, but a conversation just now with another modder highlighted the source of much collective eye-rolling amongst modders.

Before leaving feedback on anything, please check that you have actually read the information provided.

Some frequently asked questions lately regarding Oblivion mods:

1. The front door is missing.

No it’s not. Like with Morrowind, Oblivion’s modded doors “disappear” or move to strange places when your savegame is corrupt. Start a new game.

2. Your mod is teh buggiest thing evah! I just fell through the floor, for heaven’s sake!

Your savegame is corrupt. See disappearing doors.

3. You’ve put loads of overpowered/unique items in a cell!

No. I took the health off, or reduced the value, or broke them in some way. Please make sure you know what you’re looking at before criticising it.

4. The game is telling me to “turn back” before I can even reach the front door!

You haven’t disabled your borders. I’m not going to explain that one. Check the info tab on the download page. Check the information given in response to people who didn’t bother to check the info tab on the download page.

What’s that saying? “The IQ of a crowd is the lowest individual IQ divided by the number of people in the crowd”. Experiencing or reporting those “problems” is not in itself idiotic, but publicising them with an air of sneering condescension at the imagined stupidity of the modder has a habit of rebounding on the poster. Then again, I do hold a certain amount of sympathy.